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    Alright chaps. Slightly out of character for me but I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time. Some of you will be aware of the background but, long story short, after more than 7 years, multiple miscarries and 2 rounds of IVF my wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Jessica Anne Ubee, on Wednesday 4th November by emergency Caesarean section and I finally got my girls home last night. To say I'm happy is a bit of an understatement but this is proof that, if you want something bad enough, if you are strong enough to pick yourself up from the setbacks and persevere, your dreams can come true. Never give up
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    It all sounds very good, but let's be honest, you can see the comments that'll be coming now.. 'There is way too much defence in this game, how the hell are you supposed to score points?' 'Thats bulls**t, Sherman would never pick me off on a curl ffs' 'How the hell have I been picked off there, I've used that play 8 times this game already and it worked fine' 'JJ Watt is stupidly overpowered in this game, there's no way he beats my rookie RT 6 times in a row' 'The defence is a joke on this game' 'The offence is a joke on this game' 'How do I turn the tackle cone back on, that's obviously how people are so good at defence' 'Im not one to complain normally but he got 8 sacks, I think he was using nanos' 'This game is testicles BULLs**t WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP'
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    I don't tend to get too excited, shout at the tv or have a rant. However a while back I finally, after many many many seasons won a Superbowl ( The Irish One ) and was so thrilled with myself at my achievement. Walked into the main room to inform my wife and daughters who were watching tv of my fantastic success and that I was the champion of Ireland. "Grand" she says "now make tea !" Talk about putting me in my place ! Needless to say she did not organise the ticker tape parade down our street which I was expecting either.
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    As someone who played on the 360 for the majority of last year, just wanted to say it's quite exciting seeing the sign up threads for this year and everyone back together on the same console. Still a few old favorites missing from the sign ups so far but hope we can attract some of them back and some fresh new members. Looking forward to playing again. That goes for new and old members. Better actually order the game now.
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    Apparently Geno threw the first punch but it was a couple of yards short
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    wouldn't worry to much about 3-4, 4-3 most of the time you'll be playing nickel anyway. just match up your defensive formation against their O in terms of receivers and such. then as I do pick a play that has loads of colours and looks nice. then hope for the best p.s. this method has been scientifically proven! unbeaten so far in a competitive game
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    I have to say that although privileged to become a legend, I don’t feel I meet the heady heights of the other inductees Everyone who uses this site and plays in any of its leagues owe a debt of gratitude to Berty and Rigglar for the effort and commitment they have put in to helping establish this fantastic community. Paddy’s exploits as a madden baller are well documented. He has won multiple titles but has never let this go to his head and is always a pleasure to play against, even when he is dishing out some whoop ass. As for me, I suppose in some sense I have become the loveable loser lol, however, I think my induction highlights a very important message. In my real life I am extremely competitive. I coach a Youth Rugby League team who always challenge for honours and also have a stressful job in a very competitive environment. Playing madden has always been a release for me and something I do to wind down before bed. I never particularly enjoy losing, but even after the toughest of tough days at work, I still look forward to madden. This is largely down the people I play against and the sense of togetherness that is evident in this community. Personally, I think my induction illustrates the underlining principle of why this place is a success it is. Here, winning isn’t everything and it most certainly is the taking part that counts.
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    Remember guys it gets better so be paitent
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    A translation of the orginal post in this thread:
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    Let's be honest, it's horrendous at the moment The greatest asset this site has always had is the community. Being in a franchise on here has never been about turning up to play your game and not being seen again for days on end, it's about being part of something fun that you can be involved in. Enjoying the banter with people in your division, creating rivalries over the course of a franchise, actually taking part in things other than playing your game and most of all having fun The number of match reports that are posted is just embarrassing. If you can commit to playing 2 games a week, or 1 every 5 days, at a minimum you should be able to spare another 15 mins to record some highlights and write a match report. There's noone in the leagues who doesn't have the capabilities to do it, it's all done on the console. Recording them takes 5 mins, uploading another 5 and then copy and pasting the address from YouTube to your report takes about 30 seconds. If you don't know how, I wrote a guide to it ages ago in the pfl tv forum Same with streaming. Since moving to the next gen consoles the capability is there. Some people might be able to claim their internet isn't quick enough, but I bet there's a load more who can and just don't. Don't think people won't watch because they do, I routinely have over 5 people watching at a time As someone who's put plenty of my own time into the site, it pains me to see so many people simply turning up, playing their games and adding nothing to the site and the franchise's. There's no doubt it has contributed to how much slower the site is compared to a few years ago, only you can put it right by putting in more effort
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    Week 1 26 March (Game prep O/offensive approaches) Week 2 02 Apr (Game prep D/defensive approaches Week 3 09 Apr (User O/D, how to counter user) Week 4 16 Apr (Comunity driven Q&A) I will post when the streams will be going live. The idea for the streams is to provide immediate feedback and clarity should those watching need it. If you're unable to make any stream don't fret, I will upload them to a YouTube playlist for posterity. Have a good one guys!
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    Blitzkrieg enters Japanese Rock Charts Apparently the `Time of Changes-30th Anniversary Edition` has entered the Japanese Import rock charts at #30 according to Burrrn magazine in Japan
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    If you can't beat 'em, join em! That's my motto from now on. I aim to toss everybody off in the near future...
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    Rex @ EA tweeted the patch will be out today sometime with the rosters to be updated by the end of the week https://twitter.com/rexdeafootball/status/641419747419099136
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    A true hero and a legend
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    Me: I need the TV tonight i'm drafting Mrs Heli: do you not do that on your bike? Me: No thats drafting during racing, this is drafting a team/NFL rookies Mrs: Whats the difference Me: go to bed Mrs: Only kids play video games Me: we're a fcuking SIM league woman!
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    "TWERK".... 1. To dance using predominantly your bum, usually sexually. 2. Where people in Yorkshire go Monday to Friday, 9-5pm.
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    Ooh I'm up Will post my pick sometime tomorrow afternoon
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    I ask Madden and go with his expert opinion. If this leaves me with linebackers lined up over wide receivers then I trust it's for the greater good and not just a limitation of a f**ked up system
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    The current situation is simply tragic and is not helped by the media's inconsistent use of the term "migrants". Most of the people fleeing Syria are refugees and not migrants and labeling them incorrectly leads to people making the assumption that they're simply coming for a free house and handouts. I was in London for three days last weekend and can probably count on one hand how many Brits served me in the Hotel, food outlets and countless bars I visited. All the staff were very friendly and seemingly hard working, regardless of nationality, and it certainly made me think how would we function as a country if these people weren't here contributing? However, I realise it's probably cooler to just plead ignorance and claim they're pinching all our jobs
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    Ramsdan, Pacfish, Ramsburgers, BTG, Grant, a waitress & Me
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    Just got in and Shopto have worked their magic again. The missus merely handed me the packet and said "see you in a couple of months"!!!