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  1. Thanks for taking it over guys you will do excellent work keeping the league great! Also like to thank @SnapDanfor all his time took the league to another level this season in my opinion made pfl great again! Hope to see you back soon buddy in the leagues
  2. s**t the Mrs won't be happy but can't resist I'm in!
  3. Sorry to hear the sad news about your dad mate totally understandable the stress its causing to you and your family
  4. Got to admit im getting hit hard but as long as everyone else is thats fine however it sucks not being able to play with your favourite i picked the cards mainly for Johnson and have only been able to use him one game Currently i have Chandler Jones 91 ovr 5 weeks, David johnson 96ovr 7 weeks, Alex Boone 84ovr 4 weeks, Larry Fitzgerald 93ovr 4 weeks and my nickle corner Golson 4 weeks
  5. No I tried twitch, so yeah will give mixer a go
  6. Going to try and stream pro10 playoff game see how it works test it for madden 18 last time I tried it wouldn't work
  7. Sounds good hopefully with one full league more effort will be put in from people as it will be harder to get in and stay in. Been watching some of that MBL league stuff on youtube and while im not saying we should go that far its certainly something to aspire to. Not going to lie this slightly worries me, depinding what your thinking of changing but id hate to see us move away from sim style to a more "lobby" style gameplay as i fear that would drive alot of people away as i know i hate playing that style myself.
  8. Top man @RamsDan thanks for all your time and effort mate its appreciated Hopefully see you back in the leagues some day when you feel rejuvenated. See you around the forums though buddy.
  9. damn was who i was going to take beat me to it, wanted to link back up with Benteke! (still hear oooo christain benteke theme in my head)
  10. is it 4 star teams then @RamsDan?
  11. I get that but how do we know who is and isnt a top bloke though just because they dont play in flm they might be a beast at Fifa
  12. In fairness i dont see what the problem is letting phil in anyways ok he may play fifa alot more and smash us but then the top madden players on this site play alot more and smash us but we dont say they can no longer play in the leagues, just a bit of fun anyways so im expecting to get smashed 5-0 at some point
  13. Ill give it a go again for a laugh
  14. Although I always do my reports and believe everyone should, I don't think we should force it with punishments, if people can't be bummed to even just report the score minimum takes 1 minute, then just leave them to it, punishments don't feel like the right way to encourage people to post to me
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