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  1. @PackersChris welcome buddy, yeah pop your name on list for m20 we just in playoffs of last season for m19 now so winding down, but as soon as new game lands will be plenty people after friendly games before the new franchise kicks off
  2. Hopefully it is improved yeah, was saying all last season its not as strong as previous seasons and somehow got to the superbowl but then the eagles just tore it apart could still be playing now and we wouldnt of got a stop! Hopefully Shelton can add something on the dline and Hightower can stay healthy, have to see how Jason Mccourty plays as well
  3. Thanks for taking it over guys you will do excellent work keeping the league great! Also like to thank @SnapDanfor all his time took the league to another level this season in my opinion made pfl great again! Hope to see you back soon buddy in the leagues
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