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  1. Why can’t I get the full attributes displayed like everybody else’s?
  2. Good luck chaps, one piece of advice I can give.... Don't let DMac do the draft
  3. Top stuff @TopLoader Now all we need is the Superbowl winning trophy icon as well
  4. I’ll continue to be a contributor, just let me know how when you have it set up @TopLoader
  5. Would be willing to help anyway I can
  6. Are you definitely sure you’ve got gold membership as I had the same thing the other week and my live had expired
  7. I do think it's a little excessive at the minute though, if it wasn't for a disconnect in my Arena game last night we had 5 injuries in like 10 plays In the re-match I lost John Ross for 7 weeks
  8. Lads, You may or may not have noticed I've not been around lately, I've been thinking about this for a while now & I've decided that I'll be stepping down as commissioner and having a break from Madden for a bit. I want to focus my spare time on some other things and feel I can't give the site & the league the time it needs anymore. I don't want to be that commish who just posts fixtures and that's it. I feel it needs someone who can put the time in and I'm just not that guy at the moment. Hopefully with a bit of time out I might rekindle some desire to play in the leagues again. I've told the other commissioners, @SnapDan will be taking over my roll for Pro10 and will be announcing plans moving forward for M18 I'll still be around visiting the site and in the fantasy & stuff. Just feel I need a bit of a break. All the best RamsDan, NanoDan, Ramadan
  9. No bother, we've got an even amount now with 4 divisions anyway.
  10. winker took advantage of a Noob
  11. Think we played each other twice, with top two in the group progressing
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