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  1. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    I've created a "Thanksgiving Day" contest for today's games if anyone fancies it NFL Today at 17:30 GMT - $2 entry - 1/15 spots filled *** https://www.draftkings.co.uk/contest/draftteam/64879611
  2. RamsDan

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yeah I'm pretty blown away by it
  3. RamsDan

    Jags/Eagles on Sunday

    Yeah we’re coming down, have no tickets as of yet Ended up in a pub near Wembley called the parish after the first game, was decent pub but small and packed. Prob not the best for watching the games. been recommended a place called Fitzrovia belle also the empire casino
  4. RamsDan

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    They haven't got the theatre bit now as Magic Mike the show is gonna be on. Think it's all down in the basement, plus it's not the NFL in London boys who host the nights
  5. RamsDan

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    This looks amazing Will definitely be getting it at some point
  6. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    NFL Sun 18:00 BST - $2 entry - 6/15 spots filled *** https://www.draftkings.co.uk/contest/draftteam/61601892 I've sent out invites to all in the league, but still don't seem to get push notifications.
  7. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    Yeah, last season anyone in the PFL league would get a auto notification. Maybe I have to invite all now. I'll try this week
  8. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    No the contest is auto created ever week on a Thursday. You should get a notification, unless something has changed. What i'll do is invite everyone manually until I find out wtf going on
  9. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    Yeah a few have said that, not sure why.
  10. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    NFL Today at 18:00 BST - $2 entry - 7/15 spots filled *** https://www.draftkings.co.uk/contest/draftteam/61135358
  11. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    Got the taste have we
  12. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    NFL Sun 18:00 BST - $2 entry - 4/15 spots filled *** https://www.draftkings.co.uk/contest/draftteam/60675855
  13. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    NFL Today at 18:00 - $2 entry - 15/20 spots filled *** https://www.draftkings.co.uk/contest/draftteam/60124257
  14. RamsDan

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    Week 3 contest is live, have raised the amount who can enter to 20. Top 5 pay out NFL Sun 18:00 BST - $2 entry - 12/20 spots filled *** https://www.draftkings.co.uk/contest/draftteam/60124257
  15. RamsDan

    NFL Week 1 Chat

    Offensive Juggernaut