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  1. How do the Flags work? Some of them seem a bit off such as @LiquidSolid999
  2. We’re happy to announce our PS4 Community is growing! Since we started our PS4 League last year we have seen the PS4 grow and develop quite rapidly. Over the past 12 months we have had around 50 unique members join the site. However over the past few months our user base has continued to grow and we have found ourselves unable at times to whet the appetite of these new users with our one league which has been consistently full for a majority of 2018. As a result I’m pleased to announce the launch of the PS4 Evolution. The league will aim to follow the same mindset as our core PFL League with a few slight tweaks. The League will have 5-6 Day Advances. Draft Classes will be based on the 2019 Rookie Class – Nick Bosa Team Draft will be randomised (More Details on this soon) Start Date – Following Pre Season Week 4 Roster Cuts. Ultimately we are aiming to market this league as a fun/casual league which will run alongside our existing offering to provide those who are on our waiting list a chance to experience a MaddenPFL League. Sign-Ups will be going up shortly and we are already advertising/recruiting. If you’re interested in joining, what are you waiting for Sign-Up!
  3. I'm going to try to make it over - like really try! The flights are relatively cheap from Lux to UK so will make an effort. Just want to know where you guys are looking to do it - think Manchester makes sense given it is easy to get to for most people. However I heard the HRC wasn't the best last year?
  4. Can't do in the South as would clash with Riverbowl can't be having that lol
  5. If you guys are looking to change the City thats fine I'll be up for it. I think I would prefer to stay away from London if possible.
  6. After being no-showed by my mates last year - I'm keen to fly across for this! Looking at flights they work out quite well from Lux so count me in. Will you be doing this at the HRC again?
  7. For next year's Madden we will giving PS4 member who are VIPs a bump up the team draft (Not a large jump) most likely a jump up a place or two
  8. Welcome Alan! Awesome to see a few VIPs from the PS4!
  9. I absolutely agree with having someone who is Madden focused/oriented is what the site/community needs. I look forward to the exciting times ahead for this community.
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