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  1. LevettUK

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    Apologies for the delay! With the 81st pick the Dallas Cowboys select DE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Oklahoma
  2. LevettUK

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    With the 50th pick of the 2018 NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys select Ronnie Harrison SS/FS from Alabama Possesses outstanding combination of size and speed Quick pedal with easy transitions in two-deep Is comfortable and experienced playing high or low safety Has good makeup speed Doesn't get overly focused on routes Finds time to read quarterback's eyes Capable of quality man coverage in certain matchups Plays with route anticipation and ability to transition quickly to match Plays under the route and uses his length to knock passes away Physical hitter with punishment as his default setting Takes rapid downhill approach as high safety in run supporter Rangy with ability to leap into a long-distance tackle when pursuit angle goes askew Quick to punch and discard blockers Handles work near the line of scrimmage with desired level of aggression Has blitz talent
  3. LevettUK

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    With the 19th pick the Dallas Cowboys select WR Calvin Ridley, Alabama With Dez bryant on the decline i think the Cowboys pick up a new weapon on the offense. Ridley did a phenomenal job as the replacement for Cooper in 2015. The freshman notched 89 receptions for 1,045 yards and seven touchdowns that season. As a sophomore, Ridley made 72 catches for 769 yards with seven touchdowns. Oddly enough, Cooper and Jones also had less production as sophomores compared to their freshman seasons, but ended up having superb junior years before declaring early for the NFL. Ridley's junior season was impressive while being held back by the passing limitations of Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts. Ridley had 55 catches for 967 yards with four touchdowns in 2017. Playmaker Excellent route-runner; sudden out of breaks Explodes out of cuts Threat to score on any touch Very good running after the catch Game-breaking speed Forces teams to keep a safety deep Impacts game plans Quick release off of the line First-step quickness Stretches the defense Body control Quick feet Leaping ability Quality hands in most games Adept at finding soft spots in zone Can defeat double teams Good athleticism Quality blocker Durable Experienced 3-year starter Excelled against elite competition
  4. LevettUK

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Signup Thread

    If anyone is interested i found this site http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  5. LevettUK

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Signup Thread

    @DanMcGrath77 Sweet. Thanks.
  6. LevettUK

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Signup Thread

    Im in. not sure what team so random would be fine
  7. LevettUK

    London Games - 2018

    Fingers crossed for the Seahawks!