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  1. helimachoptor

    iPhone X

    you can pick up some bargains, on the irish forum there was a guy posting a link to Amazon.DE or the italy site for an unlocked s9 (new) for about €650 including postage https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2057921943
  2. helimachoptor

    iPhone Xs iPhone Xmax launch

    This is timely, I'm leaving Sky in a few weeks so the new company wanted to know what phone i wanted. I had been using a Voda smart platinum 7, then got the 8, both are good phones. I see the Huawei P20 is getting good reviews, so may go for that. The wife was using Android for a bit.. went back to apple
  3. helimachoptor


    This guys live tomorrow, you have 2 options 1) Use the Netflix app on the Sky Q box - you remain billed by Netflix and Sky separately 2) Purchase Ultimate On Demand - basically get a Netflix section in your On Demand area Option 1 is the handiest.. if you're using someone elses account like me
  4. helimachoptor

    Notre Dame v Navy - Dublin 2020

    yeah looking forward to this, shame its so far away though. First game will be hard to get tickets for sure
  5. helimachoptor

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    the old guard, tell them Heli says hello
  6. helimachoptor

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    just made it for kick off, enjoyable game, crazy ending though
  7. helimachoptor

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    f**king plane out of Dublin is delayed half an hour's likely won't make it to the torch
  8. helimachoptor

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    Sounds good. I'll be in a silver titans combine top/navy T shirt. I won't be there til prob 1:30 tho
  9. helimachoptor

    FG Block returned for 6.

    pretty cool
  10. helimachoptor

    College Football on UK TV

    @Mcmanusany big games on Saturday week? Wife is away so can sit in front of the TV for the day
  11. helimachoptor

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    I'm flying home at 8:30 from heathrow so will be staying around the the stadium so i can get an uber
  12. helimachoptor

    Week 6 NFL

    we havent scored an offensive TD in 50% of our games, we cant run the ball at all. Titans are flying over Friday aswell. hopefully Vrabel puts a f**king rocket up their asses
  13. helimachoptor

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    Well.. this may not be the classic i'd have expected few weeks ago.. Titans D is doing ok.. Titans offense, well they'd do better with me out there Where are people heading after the game?
  14. helimachoptor

    Week 6 NFL

    You guys gonna have a field day next sunday @Beyond The Game our offense cant do s**t, we're missing woodyard which is killing us in the middle of the field on D. At least I can get drunk in wembley
  15. helimachoptor

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    Lads anyone got their tickets for this game yet?