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  1. 3 spots down, We'd probably need 12-15 people so we dont end uo with MUT teams. @Cardy @BodsRFC have ye any ideas to make it more interesting.? Things like you have to draft a a player from your favourite team or no more than 3 players from any team or anything
  2. @Xbox Commissioner @PFL Coach @PS4 Commissioner With the PFL seasons coming to an end and the nfl another month and a bit away would many people be interested in an ALL NFL REDRAFT. Randomised snake style draft to build a full nfl 53 man roster out of current nfl players (inclueding players drafted this year). Each gm could do up a depth chart and a breakdown of their roster after with a vote to determine the best team/teams with an eye on next season and future seasons We could even draft HC's, OC's & DC's to make it more interesting to determine team styles etc. Depending on numbers it could take up to a month to complete the draft so a bit of commiment would be needed, people could pair up if needed. Any intetest or extra ideas.?
  3. @LiquidSolid999 welcome m8, haven't been on boards in months must check back in
  4. Welcome m8 you'll enjoy the site theirs some quality players here
  5. Happy days, I'm nervous enough about getting into the actual league itself though (although I agree with the premise) as their are a lot of pfl vets then me who I know deserve there place.
  6. Sorry to here m8, hope to see ya back soon
  7. Welcome bud, looking forward to getting some games in with ya if you join the pro 10
  8. Welcome m8, looking forward to playing ya in the future
  9. It's a tough one, ideally everyone should want to do them. I think if you start punishing people though Itl just be detrimental to the site in the long term with people leaving. I agree with @Mcmanus that it should affect draft order & your status on getting straight into next year's leagues if numbers are high. Personally as a side note I don't think twitch should be viewed as a must do or that people who don't are lazy, because sometimes it just isn't possible due to people's internet speeds (mines s**t due to living in the countryside in ireland). That ended up longer than I expected
  10. Welcome mate, Iv learned more playing my last two games here than the last 5 years playing at home. Theirs no better place to learn
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