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  1. Scottyob

    Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Looking forward to it m8, be kind to the packers
  2. Scottyob

    Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Not a big fan of his to be honest, he'll probably go in the 1st but I see him more as a late second or early third rounder.
  3. Scottyob

    Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Yea I think ye will go with Chubb myself. He seems to be a bendier Derek Barnett if that makes sense
  4. Scottyob

    Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Cheers m8. Your a bucs man or am I thinking of someone else?
  5. Scottyob

    Scotty's Mid season Mock

    @dr_volki what do ya think of the ferrall pick? Would you have taken one of the other lads left? I'm hoping we trade up for key or Chubb in the actual draft
  6. Scottyob

    Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Just tried to do my own version rather then copying the analyst's ones, it's a bit different to be fair. Looking back now i can't see it taking 24 picks before the first cb is taken but it just kind of happened that way
  7. Scottyob

    Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Had to run. Will finish when I get time. Feel free to slaughter it
  8. Based off the nfl standings as of today. 1) San Fran 49ers RB Saquon Barkley - i think realistically they trade down but i didnt have that option so went with the best offensive player in the draft to keep coach shanny and Jimmy G something to play with. 2) Browns QB Sam Darnold - Not sure if he will definitely declare and again i would look to trade down here and give kizer another year with some new weapons, but if they have to stay put they darnold is the best option. Highest upside, great character, a winner 3) NY Giants QB Josh Rosen - If there picking this high they have to go Qb, Eli's pushing on so sit rosen for a year to help him learn from a future HOFer, Rosen has possibly the best arm in the draft but seemingly is a douche. The big city for the big personality 4) Tampa Bay OT Connor Williams - Strongly debated Edge here but they have there franchise qb, some great targets for him, now he just needs time. 5.) Colts OT mike Mcglinchy - Same as above regards an edge prospect but whether its luck or brissett next season, they have to keep them upright and healthy. 6.) Cinci S Minkah Fitzpatrick - About time for a bama boy to go, Fitzpatrick is a top 3 talent in this class so an easy choice to replace either Williams or Iioka in the bengals secondary 7.) Browns RB Derrius Guice - If darnold is to be successful he will need someone to take some of the preasure off him. Guice is my clear 2# rb in the draft and a damn good one at that. 8.) Chargers DL Christian Wilkins - I would most definitely trade down here but becasue thats not an option the chargers take the best interior lineman in the draft. thought about qb but wilkins was too much to pass on 9.) Denver QB Lamaar Jackson - Debated OG, but even if the oline gave any of the current denver qb's ten seconds they would still miss read/throw. They take jackson and hope he's more mick vick than rg111. 10.) Bears Edge Arden Key - Key is a steal here and the bears cant resist. Weapons for trubisky were debated but key was too good to pass 11.) Cards OG QUENTON NELSON - Plug and play linesman to help build the lines for the rebuild to come 12.) Ravens WR -Calvin Ridley - Production and tape, reliable hands and a full route tree. whats not to like 13.) Jets OT Orlando Brown - Quality player to help the jets on top at the los 14.) Oakland Edge Bradley Chubb - the raiders pounce and find a running mate for mack in chubb who could have gone as high as 4. 15.) Miami Edge Harlod Landry - With no value at qb here they take bpa which is the Boston colleges Sack king 16.) Atlanta LB Roquon Smith - With no emergency needs the falcons take a personal favorite of mine, while this also allows beasley to play more end. 17.) Detroit LB Malik Jefferson - The edge needs some help opposite ansah but jefferson is a ten year starter in the waiting at that olb spot for the lions 18.) Green Bay Edge Clein Ferrell - Green bay are desperate for some pressure off the edge and clein has the highest potential of any edge player left on the board 19.) Redskins RB Damian Harris - This pick is dependant on cousins being here next year, if not look for a trade up 20.) Dallas Maurice Hurst - Dallas needs some pressure up the middle so they take the athletic hurst early on 21.) Ten s Derwin James - a talked about top 5 pick drops this far due to a lack of ball skills, still the titans pick up a thumper who will own the ball carrier if left clean 22.) Bills wr Courtland Sutton - Whether its tyrod taylor or somebody else, they need some new options in the passing game. 23.) Jags QB Mason Rudolph - Blake Bortles!!! 24.) Seattle CB Denzel Ward - The LOB needs some fresh legs and ohio states ward has the size and physicallty the seahwaks like 25.) Panthers OT trey adams - Cam needs protecting and the left side of that panthers oline is pushing on 26.) BILLS
  9. Scottyob

    Nfl week 9 & trade

    Didn't even have to be tagged. Your a dedicated man
  10. Scottyob

    Nfl week 9 & trade

    Though Jimmy g would go for a whole lot more then a 2nd. The niners are definitely looking at Barkley now in the draft
  11. Scottyob

    NFL Week 5

    Big win for the packers. Great to see devantae Parker back out there and of course I had him on the bench in ff because I didn't think he would play and he catches 2 tds
  12. Scottyob

    NFL Week 2

    I'd say Matt Ryan is going to pass all over us today it's up to Rodgers to match if we're to have any hope
  13. Scottyob

    College Football - Week 3

    Ya Clemson went all out to take away his running game and force him to be a passer. Some bad miss throws and some bad drops by his teammates, he really drops his eyes to the rush as soon as he feels pressure though . Never noticed it that much until this morning (recorded the game) but he was like a deer in headlights just running for his life, although to be fair he had some success doing so
  14. Scottyob

    College Football on UK TV WEEK 3

    Clemson and Louisville . Hope that dline gets after jackson
  15. Scottyob

    F2F week 1

    Diggs went big for me last night for the win, playing rivers gate this week but I'm expecting a loss