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  1. Happy days, I'm nervous enough about getting into the actual league itself though (although I agree with the premise) as their are a lot of pfl vets then me who I know deserve there place.
  2. Sorry to here m8, hope to see ya back soon
  3. It's a tough one, ideally everyone should want to do them. I think if you start punishing people though Itl just be detrimental to the site in the long term with people leaving. I agree with @Mcmanus that it should affect draft order & your status on getting straight into next year's leagues if numbers are high. Personally as a side note I don't think twitch should be viewed as a must do or that people who don't are lazy, because sometimes it just isn't possible due to people's internet speeds (mines s**t due to living in the countryside in ireland). That ended up longer than I expected
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