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  1. aidopotato

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Guardian 5* review https://www.theguardian.com/games/2018/oct/25/red-dead-redemption-2-review-western-playstation-xbox-rockstar
  2. aidopotato

    Notre Dame v Navy - Dublin 2020

    http://www.the42.ie/aviva-stadium-american-college-football-4305034-Oct2018/ just been confirmed 5 games before 2024, class
  3. aidopotato

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'll be well up for playing online once i get through the 60hrs+ single player mode!
  4. Looks like college football coming back to Dublin in 2020. Probably not the most competitive of games but good to see we haven't been forgotten about as a destination! Notre Dame always bring a huge diaspora crowd so tickets i'd imagine will be snapped up quickly when they go on sale
  5. aidopotato

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    100% yes!
  6. aidopotato

    College Football on UK TV

    Standford vs Notre Dame and Penn State vs Ohio State look like 2 great games. Shame they are on at the same time
  7. aidopotato

    Defense 101 Video

    Good video for the basics of playing defense in Madden
  8. aidopotato

    NCAA 14 on the PS3

    Picked it up and played for the first time last night. Not sure I'm ready for an online dynasty just yet but sure keep me in the loop
  9. @rugbydan92 wins the prize for steal of the mock, got ward at 24 and he went 4th to the browns
  10. 12 picks to go....chances of getting it fully completed by the start of the draft tonight are fading
  11. The fall of Orlando Brown is a fascinating one for me. Still not selected guessing due to his historically bad combine. Can see this being replicated next weekend too in fairness but reckon someone will take a flier on him. He had been first round grade ahead of the combine
  12. aidopotato

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    with the 75th pick of the 2018 Draft the Oakland Raiders select Josh Adams, HB, Norte Dame Should probably go O-Line here but at some stage the team has to find a longer term solution at half back as Beast mode isn't gonna last forever. Adams put up great numbers for the Irish, is a powerful runner between the tackles, fights for every yard and has decent speed. Would be a concern over injury due to his running style and previous ACL injury but if they can keep him healthy they should be on to a winner @Roger M on the clock
  13. aidopotato

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    With the 41st pick the Oakland Raiders select Donte Jackson CB LSU [img][/img] This was a tough pick for me, in reality if Mike Hughes, Derrius Guice or Taven Bryan dropped as far as they have here I could see the Raiders moving up for them, especially given the amount of ammunition they have in the form of late round picks. That said however cornerback is a huge need for the team having lost Sean Smith, T.J. Carrie and David Amerson in the offseason. Jackson brings elite speed on the outside to stay with anyone hes matched up with and as they say you can't coach speed. At 5-11 and 195lbs hes probably a little undersized to be a prototype NFL CB. I think a coach like Gruden will bring the best out of a player like this, his coverage and decision making skills are still raw but I think he'll come on leaps and bounds quite quickly. I also can't ignore the fact hes a cornerback wearing the #1, shows this kid has a bit of attitude! @Aaron on the clock
  14. Will put my next pick in in the morning
  15. aidopotato

    US Masters

    Rory was terrible, hes so streaky and his putting often lets him down like today. Spieths round was great to watch but Reed definitely deserved it. Rahm got me a place anyway so turned a small profit