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  1. I knew this question was coming We will be discussing options over the next couple of days and set up a poll on the draft order method.
  2. Looking forward to running this league for you guys. I want to make clear if you have any questions, concerns, reccomendations or even if you want to help out, all of the commishes are available to talk. We want this to be the best league we can make it and without the coaches we wouldnt have this opportunity.
  3. Sorry for the delay. My subscription should be live now
  4. Happy to be added to the VIP list. Thanks for all the hard work guys
  5. I'll take Crystal Palace Edit - just noticed nicelub took them, will pick someone else shortly Swansea City is the choice
  6. Im in. Cant wait to lose in the first round again
  7. Another issue I've found is that Justin Houston (on a 6 year mega deal signed last offseason) is appearing on my resignings page. Read that other players also have this as well (Demaryius Thomas according to one forum post I've seen). Gonna start a test franchise and see if hes still on the team if i dont try to resign him. I'd expect that he would be but better to be safe than sorry. Either that or it gets fixed up in the patch with the rest of the resigning shenanigans.
  8. I get what your saying, we're discussing it and any similar situations that might pop up as soon as everything gets rolling properly
  9. Waiting on a stand in for the Colts as that coach hasnt joined. Should be shortly after 1pm
  10. Edited the main post to outline the deadlines: Waivers deadlines are at week advance in the preseason due to people building up their squads, but run from Sunday - Sunday during the regular season.
  11. Its probably because i only did up to a minimum of 72 OVR (it would take all day to do any lower than that). Put them down on your list anyway and we'll award them as we would with anyone else.
  12. Waiver Wire We will be using a Waiver Wire system in the Pro 10 and Pro 8 when dealing with Free Agent pick ups. Anyone who has good knowledge of the NFL or has played Fantasy Football will probably understand how the system works, but here are the basics about what you need to do to claim free agents. How the Waiver Wire Works:1. A list will be posted of all the available Free Agents that are eligible for waivers. 2. To claim a player, send a PM to @DiodeX for the Pro 10 and @DanMcGrath77 for the Pro 8. These posts go through admins that are not part of the league for transparency reasons. 3. After the waiver period is over, the commissioners will award players based on the overall of the team, with the lowest overall teams getting first selection.4. Once a player has been awarded to a team, they will go to the end of the queue, and this continues until all players that have had a claim put in for them have been claimed. 5. Any remaining players left after this stage will be free for any coach to pick up.6. Any players released during that time will be put on the next Waiver Wire which will be posted shortly after the previous claims have been cleared. Waivers deadlines are at week advance in the preseason due to people building up their squads, but run from Sunday - Sunday during the regular season.
  13. I would also like to jump on this. Whether its league management or any thing else, I'd happily help out to get the site more active.
  14. Huge thanks to both of you guys, impeccable work all round. I will absolutely be here next year and more than happy to help out in any way I can with the running of the site.
  15. Finally changed my gamertag to what I use for nearly everything else. Only took me 5 years

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