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  1. dwevans

    dwevans' Trade Calculator

    Nomenclature changed from seasons left to drafts left to minimise confusion Trade Value Sheet Final 2.5 Locked.xlsx.zip
  2. dwevans

    dwevans' Trade Calculator

    *** Version 2.5 Updated 7.2.2018 *** - 'Seasons Passed' changed to 'Seasons Left' so that it can work with all leagues regardless of start date or speed of progression with minimal adjustment. https://www.dropbox.com/s/36e530sohqpexbe/Trade%20Value%20Sheet%20Final%202.5%20Locked.xlsx?dl=0 Trade Value Sheet Final 2.5 Locked.xlsx.zip
  3. dwevans

    dwevans' Trade Calculator

    Thanks man. Previous post slightly edited for your info.
  4. dwevans

    dwevans' Trade Calculator

    With each season yes draft picks lose value. If your season started late and you advance less than twice a week then I would suggest starting with seasons passed as 2 at the moment if you are coming to the end of your first season. Again if your advance is slow then you may choose to skip the odd number of seasons passed on the calculator to reflect this (so go 2/4/6 etc) It doesn't account for total seasons remaining but it has a modifier to use for the last season you play (from the start of the offseason onwards) so that value is mainly based on overall with small variables for age and Dev trait.
  5. Here is the second tool too help maintain realism with roster management decisions. I created this to allow greater flexibility whilst still remaining within the boundaries that already exist in the game. Want to move an ageing corner to safety? - Fine as long as he has been a zone coverage corner throughout his career. Want to move your WR to RB? Possible but he can't break any of the boundaries that already exist in the game. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2t7kizinejttwu6/Position Switch Calculator 1.2.xlsThe interface at this stage looks like this (Yes just as ugly as the trade calculator) Position Switch Calculator 1.2.xls
  6. dwevans

    dwevans' Trade Calculator

    Having just joined the site I can offer a couple of tools that you might find useful in all your leagues. The first is a trade calculator that I have created over the last year or so. Its pretty good at maintaining realism amongst trades and balancing this with the limited life of a CFM and other factors. Its fairly self explanatory but any questions ask me here or on GroupMe. *** Version 2.4 Updated 29.12.2017 *** Merry Christmas - Added a Final Season CFM Button to base valuation mostly on OVR and much less on age/contract length/DEV in final CFM seasons. - Added a Week 8 logic for the trade deadline (The Fraser Rule) to allow slightly more wiggle room on trades in Week 8 as teams reevaluate their priorities/needs halfway through the season. - Raised the floor of valuation for Elite QBs - they maintain higher value into their later years. - Removed an error where the floor of low rated young players was too slightly too high if they had a high contract length. - Added a logic where top 5 picks in the draft need to have their value matched or overpaid for. A similar logic was also added for superstar young players. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3c3i6z910h206ay/Trade%20Value%20Sheet%20Final%202.4%20Locked.xlsx?dl=0 *** Version 2.2 Updated 7.11.2017 *** - Rookie button added - Increases the value for rookies slightly given they are eligible for specific rewards/longer contracts. - "How to" guide added - FAQs added (more to come) Trade Value Sheet Final 2.4 Locked.xlsx