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  4. Wow both features look very nice I love them
  5. Evening, Another little addition is the ability to add teams helmets (see match reports for example) and some of the prefixes have now a dedicated colour (just to be visually better when browsing) If a trade is approved a approved prefix is assign and same with the declined (see a trade announcement thread) I have linked below some examples https://maddenpfl.com/forums/index.php?/forum/379-pfl-team-blogs/ https://maddenpfl.com/forums/index.php?/forum/285-pfl-trade-announcements/
  6. Cheers pal, I will get it corrected this evening
  7. I selected Climax for chargers and the link is wrong https://daddyleagues.com/wfblge/team/LAC
  8. Hi all just to let you know I am based in Cyprus and the time difference from the UK  is +2 

  9. Hey mate been trying to arrange my arena match this  week with troopers Falcons but can’t seem to get hold of him,he hasn’t been active on Xbox either,don’t mind if we sim it but would prefer to play it as on bye week next week any chance of him going on AP so I can play tonight?

  10. Good to go at 1pm 👍

  11. Hey mate just played week 8 game against Da Burgs Panthers who are on AP,had an issue with the ea servers have took a screen shot as was up by 2 scores..and critical game in the division...after a re start from 3rd Quarter and a fight back in the 4th I managed to hold on for a W👍


  12. Hey mate when’s cool to play arena game next week I’m good either Tuesday or weds afternoon from 1-4pm or on again on weds evening maybe about 9.30 ish👍

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    2. wij07


      Good stuff 👍

    3. wij07


      If by any chance you could get on at 3pm before my missus gets home from work...saves me the ear ache you see👍

      No worrys if not!

    4. DaBurg864


      I’m on AP for you @wij07

  13. wij07

    You fussed about playing wk 4 pre season game,could really do with some practice before season opener am about from 9pm on Friday if that’s ok?

  14. @PS4 Commissioner @Xbox Commissioner @Staff You can now change member groups easily and quick in the moderator control panel.
  15. @Arena Coach @Evolution Coach @PFL Coach @PS4 Coach @PS4 Commissioner @Xbox Commissioner Another little update for you guys. (Applications in the menu bar) Now an application system is in place whereby you can apply for staff jobs, commissioner vacancies and come Madden 20 apply to be in the franchises we will be running. This system is a great bit of kit for us admin, it will promote members into the relevant groups upon successful application ie: apply to join PS4 Evolution Franchise and successful it will promote you from member to Evo Coach and all the permissions that comes with the profile. It also places a thread within our staff forums for those with access to discuss each application. Onwards and upwards TopL0ader
  16. Hi all, Please can you assign your chosen teams by editing your profile. In the edit profile page please scroll down to Xbox/PS4 user teams and select your team. This will then assign your teambars to your profile. I have completed a small update in that you will now be able to click on the teambars and it will direct you to daddyleagues.com specific team within your franchise. This will be of benefit when scouting teams, trades for yourself and commissioners, and wanting to look at yours or others teams as and when you desire. Thank you and hope you all are liking the layout tweaks @Arena Coach @Evolution Coach @PFL Coach @PS4 Coach @PS4 Commissioner @Xbox Commissioner @Staff @VIP
  17. @Arena Coach @Evolution Coach @PFL Coach @PS4 Coach @PS4 Commissioner @Xbox Commissioner Can I ask you all to reassign your user teams for each franchise following a little update? You will now be able to click your team within the profile and it will direct you to that team on daddyleagues.com. This should save time etc when anybody needs to view a members team (trades and trade approvals etc) EDIT Profile > Select PS4 or Xbox User teams
  18. Brilliant @TopLoader great work again!!!
  19. outstanding @TopLoader - great thinking.
  20. @Xbox Commissioner @PS4 Commissioner You guys can now tag an entire group for ease of use in fixtures, and any league announcements. I will later this evening break the profiles up again into franchise groups ie: Arena Coaches/PFL Coaches/PS4 PFL Coaches/Evolution coaches. Im just trying to reduce your workloads guys
  21. Update to user postbits (the bit to the left of the posts with user details) * Added PFL customised superbowl rings (depending on if you have won any of course!) @RamsDan request * Added rank images as opposed to just text
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