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    • @PS4 Commissioner @Xbox Commissioner @Staff You can now change member groups easily and quick in the moderator control panel. 
    • @TopLoader killing it bro!
    • Awesome work TopLoader. 
    • @Arena Coach @Evolution Coach @PFL Coach @PS4 Coach @PS4 Commissioner @Xbox Commissioner Another little update for you guys. (Applications in the menu bar) Now an application system is in place whereby you can apply for staff jobs, commissioner vacancies and come Madden 20 apply to be in the franchises we will be running. This system is a great bit of kit for us admin, it will promote members into the relevant groups upon successful application ie: apply to join PS4 Evolution Franchise and successful it will promote you from member to Evo Coach and all the permissions that comes with the profile. It also places a thread within our staff forums for those with access to discuss each application. Onwards and upwards TopL0ader
    • Hi all,  Please can you assign your chosen teams by editing your profile. In the edit profile page please scroll down to Xbox/PS4 user teams and select your team. This will then assign your teambars to your profile.  I have completed a small update in that you will now be able to click on the teambars and it will direct you to daddyleagues.com specific team within your franchise.  This will be of benefit when scouting teams, trades for yourself and commissioners, and wanting to look at yours or others teams as and when you desire.  Thank you and hope you all are liking the layout tweaks  @Arena Coach @Evolution Coach @PFL Coach @PS4 Coach @PS4 Commissioner @Xbox Commissioner @Staff @VIP
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