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  1. @lukegraham23 sure do. Can you click to join the discord server (main page theres a link) and we can get you into a league.
  2. welcome @lukegraham23 You wanting to join the Xbox or playstation madden leagues mate?
  3. Welcome @Deszeppelin, once you join the discord group (download the free app) we can get you setup in the leagues
  4. Welcome @Freefrenchag, let me know if you fancy a PS4 or ps5 league.
  5. @TGittoes- we can get you involved mate. Can you click to join our discord server ? The. You will be in chat
  6. Welcome @NinoFrmDC - are you looking for a PS5 league? Only ones we have are played on UK / EU timezone. That ok with you?
  7. welcome @CrackFox. Are you looking to join a Madden League?
  8. This is for PS5 only owners. There other 6 leagues are currently PS4 if you want to join a PS4 league until you have your PS5 in place. Please reply below if you are keen to get involved. Team draw - TBC Two advances a week - Standard Playstation PFL Rules
  9. Welcome @JMills23 - get yourself on discord and join in the chat mate. Titans are waiting on your as discussed.
  10. @Nugget1905 - welcome Jake, jump on the discord server and you will be in the league chat
  11. Welcome @tottylad, jump onto discord to get involved with the league chat as well.
  12. welcome @Jonesyriffic - Are you a PS4 or Xbox player mate.
  13. Hi @Scott, click on the join server button for discord and we will get you setup in the PS4 league mate
  14. welcome @Mawe - You interested in joining our PS4 or Xbox madden leagues?
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