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  1. @AuxCityBoy - Hi mate, can you download discord and we can get you into the league chat.
  2. welcome @Rico19 - link to discord above mate.
  3. @RavenFromNorth - welcome mate. Just need to download discord and click on the link above to join the chat.
  4. welcome again @Adam_Potens - Discord link above to get into the league chat for arranging games etc.
  5. Welcome @Rhys98 - @Winti26is the man to speak to about the xbox fantasy league. Waiting list for the real roster Xbox league. Message @SnapDanabout it. Download discord and get involved in the league chat. Good luck sir!
  6. @slightlygrn hi mate, we have the cowboys available in one league. Saints and pats available in our Fantasy league.....or join both haha! Can you join the discord server, link above and we can add you to the league chat.
  7. Welcome @Bread Zeppellin, you a PS4 or Xbox player ?
  8. Welcome @Notey456, you an XBox or PS4 player?
  9. welcome @Sponers - You an xbox or ps4 player?
  10. Welcome @Johnl90 - Are you Xbox or PS4 mate?
  11. @studstillstout - There is space in the Evo league if you are interested. Core times are 6pm to 10.30pm UK time. People work shifts and are flexible, would that be ok with you?
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