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  1. outstanding @TopLoader - great thinking.
  2. @pak0s_7 - top of this thread has the league info.
  3. Welcome to the site @Fotispan, I will let you know when a space becomes available. In the mean time have a glance over the PS4 Rules, download the "GroupMe" app if you want some madden chat / instant messenger allowing you to contact opponents more directly. It will be good to get you on board soon.
  4. @pak0s_7 - We have space, do you have "GroupMe" app for your phone or PC? Lets get you signed up and going mate.
  5. Hi @pak0s_7 I will pop you on the waiting list. There might be a space opening soon. We have 64 teams over two leagues and all currently taken, but I'm sure a space will come available shortly. Have I played against you in a different league? Your user name seems familiar.....maybe I'm wrong. Do you have a friend interested as well? How did you hear about PFL? Always interested to know how people come across us, as I have been advertising / posting messages on various websites and social media. Thanks Aaron
  6. @mattonwater - sign up thread here, if interested....which I know you are.
  7. Trust some c*nts to come in an abuse it straight away @DiodeX
  8. @medic228 @shermiejacob - signup here lads if you are interested.
  9. come on @DiodeX - Lets make Britain great again! Don't try and isolate the Scots and Welsh as superior sporting nations over England!
  10. @OSS-Raider Hi mate, sign up thread here if you are interested?
  11. @CCFC_Coxy there are spaces in the PFL Evo PS4 league. I’ll tag you in and let me know who you fancy. We have league chat on groupme the phone app if your also interested, not essential.
  12. @MrKirbz93 and @BradThomas added to the waiting list.
  13. @Hitthesticks10 on the waiting list
  14. @TommyM @BryanW - Sign up here lads for the league....just need to confirm you are wanting to join.
  15. @FREAKMAN - yeah, got you on both lists.
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