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  1. outstanding @TopLoader - great thinking.
  2. Trust some c*nts to come in an abuse it straight away @DiodeX
  3. come on @DiodeX - Lets make Britain great again! Don't try and isolate the Scots and Welsh as superior sporting nations over England!
  4. that's half the league ruled out thanks to @JA15 for the kind donation.
  5. missed the message first time, but donated now.
  6. Think my VIP stopped when my credit card expired. I'll reset up the monthly contribution. If everyone in the leagues even set up as little as £1 a month, it would cover the costs hopefully.
  7. Aaron

    help needed

    same, my credit card had expired and the auto renewal didn't work until i updated my payment details.
  8. Sure, stick my name down but I cannot play this week, away for a few days then will be busy catching up with work. If my game can wait till next weekend, then count me in.
  9. Website is great and the admin of fixtures etc is really good. Zero complaints and a pat on the back for you guys. Maybe people got new games at Xmas and their interest in those will die off soon. I am run off my feet work wise personally but trying my best to fit everything in. Maybe in February once the superbowl is done and Fantasy football slows down people will be looking to come back or new players join.
  10. I agree, like I say, I thought I had posted my availablity a while ago. A quick DM and I would have updated it straight away
  11. Surely can't allow player editing of stats, would be stupid. If someone is moving from a 3-4 to a 4-3, maybe allowing two position changes would be worth considering. One position change per year keeps it easy to monitor and less hassle.
  12. I like the Pro 8 format and 4 day advance for the last season worked well. I probably enjoyed the Pro 8 more, as I enjoyed playing the Raiders more than the 49ers in Pro 10. Happy to go with the flow.
  13. A little too far from Edinburgh for numerous pints and an out of the blue dolphins superbowl celebration! Sorry lads.
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