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  1. Aaron

    NCAA 14 on the PS3

    @FiftyShadesMCFC - I ordered my copy of NCAA from the states via ebay....seems like it will take a few weeks to arrive sadly.
  2. Aaron

    NCAA 14 on the PS3

    Spoken about this on group me but anyone interested in playing an online CFM on NCAA 14 on the PS3 let me know or post a message. I know @FraserOliver17 is an active player and @Mcmanusand @DanMcGrath77 expressed an interest. You can buy a PS3 for £20/30 and the same for the game from Ebay, get involved! The currently running CFM is using 1 or 2 star teams and advancing on group me etc for comms with a couple of lads from outside PFL. Other option is, if there is enough interested....run a PFL league and go any teams. Over to you...…….
  3. Vikings draft - LOGAN WOODSIDE - Toledo Vikings draft Kirk Cousins replacement for 3 years down the line. Woodside has great college stats and has the frame of Drew Brees. Future Tony Romo in the making! Pats and @rayski on the clock
  4. @helimachoptor - Been on the clock for 14 hours already
  5. @DanMcGrath77 I believe
  6. Miami Dolphins take ANTHONY AVERETT - Alabama - with their 3rd round pick. Miami need another DB badly. With Maxwell gone and zero depth behind Howard and Tankersley it was essential the fins addressed this need with a decent amount of quality. I would be looking to take a flyer on the DBs in the 5th and 6th rounds as well after addressing the DT position in the 4th. Averett was a starter all 14 games of his senior season, posting 48 stops, four for loss, an interception, and eight pass breakups in 2017. Averett has the athleticism for the position, posting the top long jump mark in high school nationally as a junior (25 feet, two inches) and winning New Jersey state titles in the 55-meter dash and high jump. He got a chance at receiver before his sophomore year, but cornerback is his home for now, and in the future. @Sleepyzoid76 is on the clock.
  7. With their 2nd Round Pick - Vikings take Offensive Tackle - Kolton Miller - UCLA With only one tackle taken so far in the draft, vikings could not pass on this opportunity to add some size and depth to their Oline. At 6"9 and still a Junior coming into the draft, Miller has real promise. https://www.nfl.com/share/10103061-7033-0000-0092-45398acbc73b Overview Miller is an exceptionally tall tackle prospect who lacks the flexibility in his hips to drop his pad level and play with better leverage and a stronger base. His lateral movements in his pass slides are segmented and there are reps that he has to completely break from his technique to chase edge rushers to the corner. What Miller does have is athletic ability that is above average for the position and he showed improvement as the season wore on. He has the physical traits to become an above average NFL starter, but he'll need to improve his pass pro technique and become a better finisher in the run game. Strengths Well proportioned with good height and length Plays with high effort level each snap Strong desire and hustle to win lateral positioning as move blocker Understands angles for reach blocks and second level work Uses timing and positioning to prevent premature engagements Possesses good power in his hands Uses strong upward thrust in his punch to mitigate lack of bend and create a leverage point into his initial contact Wide base in his pass sets Tape shows ability to self-fix punch timing and hand placement in-game Drops a late anchor when driven back into the pocket Quick to turn his attention to changing rush threats against twists and blitzes Has necessary foot quickness and athletic ability to mirror counter spins and inside charges Catches and slides them out of the picture @rayski On the Clock
  8. Miami Dolphins 2 round draft pick is................DALLAS GOEDERT........who calls their kid Dallas! Love it, Dallas is a baller. With the QB position dealt with and far too many holes to fill (aye aye), I looked at TE, CB and DL. MacMillian is back from his ACL and is like adding a new player at LB but Miami could also use an outside linebacker in this draft. Taking this this in to account, I am probably looking at CB in the 3rd and TE in the 4th, so drafting someone to replace this incredibly large gap Suh left was important. I do personally like Maurice Hurst and in the real draft, I think the fins have a chance to grab him in the 2nd but Browns picked him up already. Tavern Bryan was taken ahead of me. I'm not big on the next available DTs......so I'll pick a fat boy later in round 3. TE it is - DALLAS GOEDERT - South Dakota St. Some copy and paste info: This South Dakota native has blossomed into a NFL-caliber receiving tight end during his time with the home-state Jackrabbits. Goedert (pronounced GOD-ert) was a finalist for the Walter Payton Award as the top player in the Football Championship Subdivision in 2016, also grabbing several All-American awards and a first-team All-Missouri Valley Football Conference nod. His combination of size, speed, agility, and reliable hands allowed him to rank him in the top 15 in the FCS with 92 receptions for 1,293 yards and 11 touchdowns -- and made scouts stand up and notice. Goedert started 10 of 12 games played as a sophomore, catching 26 passes for 484 yards and three scores; he had a part in the team's win over Kansas early on, catching two passes for 49 yards. He played in 14 games as a redshirt freshman in 2014, and lead the team's tight ends with eight receptions for 100 yards. Strengths Runs with good bend up the field and into routes Moveable chess piece Capable three-level worker as pass catcher Team looked to find creative ways to get football in his hands Carries good strength in frame and plays through physical challenges in his routes Gains adequate separation with short and intermediate routes Maintains top play speed when working vertically Able to work over top of linebackers Former high school hooper with advanced ball skills and body control Pass snatcher with huge paws and strong hands His highlight reels are filled with acrobatic, one-hand catches Uses frame to gain advantageous positioning and can make in-air adjustments Has size and technique to work with as in-line blocker Strikes with good pad level, knee bend and hand placement Looked stronger at point of attack this season Possesses balance to hang in against rugged ends if he plays tough https://www.nfl.com/share/10103061-7033-0000-0086-45384b8ef6d2 https://www.nfl.com/share/10103061-7033-0000-0086-45384b8ef6d2 @rayski on the Clock
  9. Vikings pick Hayden Hurst - TE - South Carolina My Input -Vikings need to give Cousins targets after making such an investment. He liked two TE sets in Washington and Hurst also provides a long term replacement for Rudolph Overview Hurst's initial opportunity at athletic stardom came up short in baseball, but he has his second shot and plays like every down could be his last. His fearless play demeanor combined with size, strength and athleticism make him a well-rounded prospect with the versatility to line up all over the field. He's sure-handed and could become a young quarterback's safety blanket if he improves elements of his route running. He should see early snaps and has the ability to become a good combination tight end. Strengths Good combination of size and quickness Moved all over field Rabid and rowdy in his play Quick release into routes Athletic with above-average play speed for the position Willing and capable pass catcher on all three levels Has the feet and acceleration to burst open from breaks Separates from garden-variety linebackers in coverage Instant opener when sinking into zone holes Hands are sticky and ball focus is elite Had one drop against 100 career catches Reliable inside the hash marks Makes subtle moves to shield catch-point from linebackers Secures through contact Runs with power and balance after the catch Will seek out collisions rather than running out of bounds Has frame and grit to improve as in-line blocker Capable move blocker able to adjust to targets @rayski on the clock
  10. @rugbydan92 on the clock
  11. @Beyond The Game on the clock
  12. 11th pick - Miami take Baker Mayfield cause they would in real life and coach Gase loves him it appears. I wouldn't be shocked if Miami trade up with a future pick. I'll probably Jizz in my pants if he is still available after pick 10. Overview Spread quarterbacks have had limited success as have small quarterbacks. Mayfield falls into both categories and has to prove he can transcend those perceived deficiencies on the next level. Having complete command of the Oklahoma offense isn't an automatic precursor for NFL success, but Mayfield's ability to process, extend plays and throw with accuracy give him a good shot. He'll be somewhat scheme-dependent so whoever takes him will need to be willing to build their offense around his strengths. Strengths Tough and competitive Plays with fiery demeanor and massive chip on his shoulder Teammates rally around him on and off field In complete command of his offense and has improved with each season Light on his feet with quick setup in pocket Has good pre-snap plan Eyeballs and eliminates safeties to isolate man coverage on his receiver Quick processor from read to read Responds suddenly to what is there Pitch and catch accurate if you allow it Underrated arm talent Expedite from off-platform with tight release and zip Drives with lower body for added velocity Accurate on all three levels Completed 53 percent of his throws of 21-plus yards over last two years Drops touch throws over top of linebackers trailing in coverage Has improv talent Uses mobility to buy time to make plays Effective when he breaks contain and will probe for explosive play Completed 67 percent when on the move Rises to the occasion Posted elite production and efficiency as passer in the red-zone
  13. In I’m available to draft for another team if required
  14. Aaron

    Super Bowl 52 Ads

    Lots of winter Olympic adverts I noticed. Not even mentioned in the UK!
  15. Aaron

    Help a PEN Member out

    Done, I did like goal 4 but not as much as 3 obviously.....