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  1. With the 64th overall pick the Cleveland browns select, Equanimeous St. Brown WR, Notre Dame This kid is 6’5” got open a lot but bad WB play hindered his season a bit. He ran a great 40 and I think he’ll be a great weapon for the browns when teams are stacking the box bs Barkley. ( @Mcmanus can let me know if this is a good pick or not) @Beyond The Game you’re up buddy
  2. Vondia

    New website design?

    Yeah no rush buddy brilliant stuff. I saw you added the soundcloud to the bottom but what i meant was the facebook link here: And here the other image you requested:
  3. @Willo your colts are up buddy
  4. With the 3rd pick in the 2nd round the Cleveland Browns select, Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma St. This kid is 6'5" and is considered to be the best pocket passer in the league. He likes to model his game after the GOAT mr P. Manning. And weirdly enough he lands in an ideal situation in Cleveland. With Barkley and all the other weapons the Browns acquired in the off-season he will have a lot of help. And Taylor will be the starter where he can sit and learn for his rookie season. Can compare it a bit with Mahomes sitting behind Smith last season. I like this kid a lot 10 percent of his passes last season were over 25 yard completions which tells you he can sling it. His accuracy is great, the biggest knock on him is that he doesn't always put enough zip on the ball. That and he wasn't asked to roll out a lot in college these are things he can work on in his rookie season where he won't be thrown into a bad situation like some of the other Browns QBs in the past. Last season he threw for 37 TDs and 9 INTs the season before that he threw for 28 TDs and 0 INTs(!), he holds over 50 school records and is very smart can recall all plays they threw at him in interviews. I really think the Patriots are going to try and get this kid in but happy i got him here with the Browns! absolutely phsyched to get this kid here is some more footage on him from NFL network: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/mason-rudolph?id=32462018-0002-5599-4271-c09bf8338e3c
  5. With the 1st pick in the 2nd round the Cleveland Browns select Maurice Hurst, DT, michigan After the Browns traded Danny Shelton to the Pats i think this will be a perfect pickup for them. This kid is very athletic has long hands and creates a lot of pressure from the middle. According to the CBS piece they think he's able to get 10+ sacks a season in the NFL. Pair that with the revamped secondary and the pass rushers that were already there and the Browns defense is looking legit! @Mcmanus your Giants are up again
  6. Vondia

    New website design?

    @TopLoader just going threw maddenpfl.com on my laptop dude and it looks GREAT. small things i noticed: - on the part where it says meet the coaches behind the division it says 'username' - Facebook link is still there - on the news part imagine dragon imagine or something doesnt make much sense to me but maybe it's a placeholder (love the song btw reminds me of F1 haha) - The podcasts might be good to get them a nice place on the news or home page stuff (maybe a link to the soundcloud instead of the facebook button although it might technically not be a social media... or is it? idk haha) - Is it possible to add the clip i made to the PFL tv part of the site? Like that even when there's no live stream there that there will still be some content. If the feedback time is over then tell me to shut up haha
  7. They have a good chance of getting him I think cause there will be a run on QBs and lads like him wil ‘drop’
  8. Allen been talked about going 1st overall to the browns now. Think in real NFL we’ll see quite some trading up. Could see like 4 QBs going in top 6 picks or something. I also would’ve gone Oliver over Jackson as CB but it is pretty close there like Stu said indeed
  9. haha exactly and look how the bills looked without him
  10. Yeah i can understand your reasoning was hard for me to not go with Barkley but Taylor did take that Bills team to the playoffs... And since the HC showed he cant be trusted around rookie QBs maybe thats a better fit? haha but yeah i wouldn't blame the Browns at all if they go QB first and then pick Minkah 4th or even trade back (preferably within the top 10 picks). These 2 dudes i picked are both capable of transforming the offense and defense in their own right i think.. although with them having picked up Hyde maybe a QB first overall is a better choice... think if i had to do another mock with the browns i might go with 2 other dudes there's a lot of talent out there
  11. It was so so so hard not to pick Mayfield for me cause i like him the most out of all QBs in this draft and he was sitting there. However Taylor can get it done imo and Minkah will let a lot of pieces around him play that much better. This mock drafting does get the excitement going about the draft again(wasn't that excited about it with the Texans having no 1st or 2nd round pick).
  12. With the 4th pick in the 2018 draft the Cleveland Browns select - Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB(FS), Alabama I'm very very excited about this pick, yes the alure of Baker got to me and made me doubt A LOT.(Just like Joe i like Baker a lot maybe even most out of all QBs in this years draft) However with this pick the browns not only get a game changer on defense but they also fix their first round pick last year. No i'm not talking about Garrett i'm talking about Peppers who they bassicly destroyed letting him play FS and not utilizing him for his talent. Fitzpatrick can do a lot of things great as DB but for me he has all the makings of an insane FS add that to being able to put Peppers to SS or nickel corner where he can be a huge impactful player and we just fixed the offense and defense of one of the most awesome franchises in football! Really feel this backfield can be something special add to that the rushers the Browns already posses and the Browns are only a new head coach away from glory! Seriously with Taylor, Barkley/Hyde, Landry and Njoku moving the chains on offense and Garrett, Ogbah, Collins, Peppers and Fitzpatrick stopping you on defense good luck facing these revamped Brownies! Bellow the profile on Minkah and the one from last year on Peppers can't wait to see if the Browns pull the trigger on these.. @shanew1705 your broncos are on the clock sir
  13. @Joe you and your Jets are on the clock bud
  14. With the First pick of the 2018 draft the Cleveland Browns select, Saquon Barkley, HB, Penn St. My boy Barkley is just the best player in the draft in my opinion. And yes teams gotten HB's in later rounds who were also very impactful like Kamara last year. This kid however is 21 and he has future hall of famer written all over him. He's quick he's big he's strong he's shifty he got it all. Looking at the off-season we had where we aquired a dependable QB with Taylor and weapons for him to dink and dunk to. This kid however will transform the entire offense, opponents will have to game plan for him every game and it will open up everything else on offense. Here another nice clip if you somehow dont know Barkley yet: @Mcmanus your Giants are on the clock sir
  15. Vondia

    New website design?

    Checked it again didn’t get it. Got it now