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  1. Vondia

    Deadline day

    Demaryius Thomas + a 7th to the Texans for a 4th and a 7th. Tate to the Eagles for a 3rd what do you guys think of the deadline day deals so far? And who are you hoping your team might pick up (realistically) in the next 2 hours? I’m happy we got DT even if it’s just so defenses can’t put 3 guys on Hopkins
  2. Vondia

    iPhone Xs iPhone Xmax launch

    Yeah updating from X is definitely not worth it. I went for 256 right when it came out. Was already struggling with the 64gb on the iPhone I had before that.
  3. Vondia

    Blitzkrieg - Reign of Fire European Tour Nov/Dec 2018

    Look at our rockstar which one on the poster are you?
  4. I'm in if there's a spot left after Hitthesticks joins
  5. Vondia

    Logo Voting

    37 people voted not to shabby
  6. Vondia

    F1 2018 season

    Insane race today with Max winning it all was really a pleasure to behold. 17.500 Dutch fans went to Austria as well some crazy footage haha https://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/7465657/2e98cc72/ondertussen_in_oostenrijk.html
  7. Vondia

    F1 2018 season

    Do we have some F1 fans on here? Paul Ricard this weekend and it's raining very hard.. let's hope it continues for the qualification and the race tomorrow
  8. Vondia

    World Cup Predictor

    Quite a job to fill it all in but i'm done! Lets go!
  9. Vondia

    Logo Voting

    Screw all these logos with the British flag in it honestly #brexit
  10. Vondia

    New Logo?

    When you put the vote up, make sure to include the old/current logo if possible.
  11. Vondia

    NBA Season 2017-2018

    That face of Lebron when JR was dribbling to the wrong side said it all... unbelievable that FT should've been made ofc but still wanted the Cavs to win that so bad... Curious if they can come back from a defeat like that. And that Green fella should be knocked out next game if he taunts like that lol
  12. With the 64th overall pick the Cleveland browns select, Equanimeous St. Brown WR, Notre Dame This kid is 6’5” got open a lot but bad WB play hindered his season a bit. He ran a great 40 and I think he’ll be a great weapon for the browns when teams are stacking the box bs Barkley. ( @Mcmanus can let me know if this is a good pick or not) @Beyond The Game you’re up buddy
  13. Vondia

    New website design?

    Yeah no rush buddy brilliant stuff. I saw you added the soundcloud to the bottom but what i meant was the facebook link here: And here the other image you requested:
  14. @Willo your colts are up buddy
  15. With the 3rd pick in the 2nd round the Cleveland Browns select, Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma St. This kid is 6'5" and is considered to be the best pocket passer in the league. He likes to model his game after the GOAT mr P. Manning. And weirdly enough he lands in an ideal situation in Cleveland. With Barkley and all the other weapons the Browns acquired in the off-season he will have a lot of help. And Taylor will be the starter where he can sit and learn for his rookie season. Can compare it a bit with Mahomes sitting behind Smith last season. I like this kid a lot 10 percent of his passes last season were over 25 yard completions which tells you he can sling it. His accuracy is great, the biggest knock on him is that he doesn't always put enough zip on the ball. That and he wasn't asked to roll out a lot in college these are things he can work on in his rookie season where he won't be thrown into a bad situation like some of the other Browns QBs in the past. Last season he threw for 37 TDs and 9 INTs the season before that he threw for 28 TDs and 0 INTs(!), he holds over 50 school records and is very smart can recall all plays they threw at him in interviews. I really think the Patriots are going to try and get this kid in but happy i got him here with the Browns! absolutely phsyched to get this kid here is some more footage on him from NFL network: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/mason-rudolph?id=32462018-0002-5599-4271-c09bf8338e3c