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  1. Welcome lads whats your consoles @Gunners23412 and @rmilsom1982
  2. Welcome man and good luck on the dark side 😉
  3. Screw it! Vikings skoooool
  4. Had to stop my subscription for a while but did the 1 pound donation @TopLoader cheers for all the work you do bud
  5. Welcome back buddy! How’s your little girl doing? @mohawked_gamer
  6. @PS4 Commissioner
  7. Welcome @PackersChris I’m guessing you’re a Vikings fan?
  8. Welcome bud good you signed up!
  9. Brilliant @TopLoader great work again!!!
  10. Welcome man! If you’re looking for a European time zone Sim CFM site you’ve come to the right place. Are you an Xbox or PS4 player?
  11. Maybe you’ve already had a PM by @tripperman28 or @Winti26 but I think there’s some teams open yes welcome back!
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