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  1. Cool mate what's your gt and we will get you invited today
  2. Hi mate welcome to the pfl, we currently have a few openings in the arena, cowboys, buccaneers, rams, lions, Colts, dolphins, bils, chargers, Bengals and ravens are available, we are entering week 5 tonight at advance
  3. Hi joe great to see you back around, any chance buncey or riverman coning back? No group me isn't mandatory, a few members without it on madden 18 with no problems
  4. Don't think we have a recycling permit for you Mr Trash
  5. I'm in And option 1 is my vote for team selection/ draft method
  6. Al mate we all know it's not if you comeback, it's a matter of WHEN you comeback, we know you miss playing
  7. Count me in @TopLoader payday is 23rd, so should get it done this weekend
  8. @TopLoader. Has my support, he's done a great job getting the daddy league's for the pfl and integrating them to be a great asset to coaches, I can understand what davo is saying, I'm not on the pro evo or fifa site's, but I hope we can stay connected for those that do play on them, @DiodeX you have been great for pfl, but imo I'd still like you to stay admin, as I'm sure we will need your views and insight for the benefit of everyone on site for the future of this site,
  9. Behave yourself doc pfl isn't bailing you out this year Have a great weekend lads
  10. @Shmarky @Triangle King he's showing his big euromillions win now
  11. Welcome to the pfl, I believe your a mate of @rayski, yeah you can have panthers, I'll get you set-up shortly
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