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  1. You can of course mate what's your Xbox gt so I can drop you an invite,
  2. Welcome @MichaelHiles24 we have a few team's open in the arena franchise, cowboys, redskins, lions, buccaneers, bills dolphins, colts, chargers ravens, Bengals
  3. Sorry mate didn't recognize the user name, great to have more boards guy's here
  4. Welcome to the We have spots in the second xbox league the arena franchise, we will be drafting next Thursday, What nfl team do you follow
  5. Hi mate welcome back to the pfl, we currently have a few team's available in the ARENA franchise on the Xbox side, they are the buccaneers, saints, Falcons, Texans, raiders, bills, lions,
  6. Welcome mate, we currently have a few openings in the ARENA franchise, team's available are saints, buccaneers, raiders, texans, bills lions, Vikings,
  7. Welcome @Crispytones81 Are you ps4 or Xbox 1 player,
  8. follow a team that has player's you like, that's how I became a chargers fan the great LT and Rivers, oh almost forgot lights out , but one team to avoid is the Seahawks, there going to be very bad
  9. Al mate we all know it's not if you comeback, it's a matter of WHEN you comeback, we know you miss playing
  10. Count me in @TopLoader payday is 23rd, so should get it done this weekend
  11. Welcome mate, we currently have the falcons, chargers, rams, Bengals and Texans free, I'll get you set-up during the day
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