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  1. Is there another venue other than HRC in Manchester? I wouldn't go back to HRC.
  2. Subscribed! The paypal transaction ID ends in 8538.
  3. I'm happy to turn up! Otherwise let's maybe come back around September or so when the next season starts and it's brighter!
  4. Hi all, Let's try to organise the meetup for the Divisional game next Saturday (TBC @ Eagles). Kickoff will be 9:35pm Irish time so let's aim for 9pm. The venue I propose (open to other suggestions!) is the Woolshed on Parnell St in Dublin: http://www.woolshedbaa.com/dublin/ I'm on the PS4 side but all Xbox PFLers are of course welcome! Who is in?
  5. Cheers. @Triangle King How about you two? @rugbydan92 @aidopotato
  6. I thought I added a pool. If @Beyond The Game could add one, that would be great. Talking to some of you it seems Saturday is the preferred night. So I suppose let's decide between wildcard and divisional?
  7. Hi all, Following on from the Superbowl meetup due for Manchester, I was thinking the Irish within PFL could organise a meetup of our own! I'm open to ideas but I was thinking the Saturday 9:25pm or Sunday 6pm kickoff of the Wildcard or Divisional Round (6-7 Jan or 13-14 Jan). I've chatted to plenty Irish on the PS4 side but Xbox players are of course welcome also! The venue I have in mind is The Woolshed Baa and Grill (has to be Aussie place in tribute to our commish @Beyond The Game) on Parnell St. in Dublin. It's well known as an NFL venue, it's in a central location and is pretty roomy with TVs everywhere. http://www.woolshedbaa.com/dublin/ Let me know in the poll what time/date you would prefer!
  8. Hi @Joe, just looking at hotels/flights etc. Will confirm asap. Can pay you via PayPal.
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