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  1. @tripperman28 can you help him out?
  2. That looks a lot better now. Great work @TopLoader
  3. OK, but how the feck are you in all 4 league man! you're clearly not married
  4. @TopLoader is there any way to fill in the blue with a BG image? looks really plain. I know PEN was able to do something if you are still running the same software
  5. Love the flags next to peoples names! shouldn't the UK be broken down, you know how touchy the Welsh and Scots are
  6. Welcome, even though I'm retired its always great to see new faces
  7. I'm the Rams in the Arena league. I demand my badge
  8. WHAT! I'm still the Rams in the Arena @TopLoader
  9. Sterling job, (posting to see it)
  10. welcome, I'm new to Madden 18, so I need all the practice I can get disclaimer, played Madden since 06, but now I'm crap
  11. It seems Madden is in the vault, well it never said I have 0 hours left to play. Lets play Madden! If you can get me off FIFA
  12. Not showing in there, I checked the other day. Maybe they were on the 10 hour trial
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