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  1. DiodeX

    Logo Voting

    I like the old one's design, but not so much the font. Looks a bit dated now. I like 12, it's simple and clean. They are all great but some are just too busy.
  2. DiodeX

    New website design?

    I would look at updating the logo to match the actual NFL font now, it kind of looks dated the curly one. Or even get a custom one made.
  3. DiodeX

    I'm also looking for a league

    Just in time in the Arena league as it's week 16, so just enough time to get a draft in, even though you'll have next to no scouting points.
  4. DiodeX

    I'm also looking for a league

    woo, welcome again! Add me Diodex for some practice games. Who do you support?
  5. DiodeX

    Anyone a bit of a gym pro?

    Already eating less and cut down on beers. Lost half a kilo already
  6. DiodeX

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    The Giants still have to cough 15mil to JPP though. I dunno how that translates into cap space etc. Its all Voodoo if you ask me.
  7. DiodeX

    Sneaky Pete

    Have you watched Bosch? highly recommended if you like gritty cop drama's
  8. DiodeX

    Anyone a bit of a gym pro?

    Just a sports centre type gym. And my wife won't let over do it.
  9. DiodeX

    Anyone a bit of a gym pro?

    I'm just on the resistance machines just now, or whatever they are called.
  10. DiodeX

    Anyone a bit of a gym pro?

    Cheers Joe, I've had the induction which tbh was pretty s**t, "here is the cardio room, do this on this etc", "Here's the weight room, knock yourself out" I will ask for them to do me a plan in a week or so I think. I do watch how people use certain machine/weights that I've never seen to get an idea.
  11. I just been signed up and would like some beginners advise on weights, ie best reps to start. Obviously the actual weight is down to what I can do without busting a blood vessel. I'm not looking to go Arnie size, I'm just looking to lose the gut and tone up. I am doing cardio in the form of swimming every morning also.
  12. DiodeX

    Sneaky Pete

    I've been meaning to, just haven't got around to it yet. I'll see if I can start watching it, season 2 out soon isn't it?
  13. DiodeX

    New Blitzkrieg - Judge Not album release info

    I'll be expecting to send this back to get it signed once I buy a physical copy @Ken2Blitzkrieg
  14. DiodeX

    FLM Goal of the Month (Dec 17)

    Final push, I think only 2 or 3 have voted from here.
  15. DiodeX

    FLM Goal of the Month (Dec 17)

    Come on, 5 mins of your time