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  1. Kirchoffs69

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    Wonder if the Arsenal fans know Kroenke is splashing the cash in Hollywood?
  2. Kirchoffs69

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    What a frightening prospect pairing Suh with Donald. I wonder if the attraction of playing alongside Donald sways him that way.
  3. Kirchoffs69

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    Raiders made a few signings, can’t really say any have impressed me. Maybe the LB Whitehead. Disappointed to see Crab go as he was a bit of a red zone demon. Must’ve been a pain behind the scenes cos the rumour had been there that he’d be cut. Don’t really see Jordy Nelson as an upgrade.
  4. Kirchoffs69

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    Mo Wilkerson to the Packers. Disappointed in that, would’ve liked to have seen the Raiders make a push for him. Trumaine Johnson to the Jets is another I’d have thought we’d go after. Don’t think we have much cap space after a few years of having loads.
  5. Kirchoffs69

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    That new Rams CB pairing looks good if they can tame them.
  6. Kirchoffs69


    Great Superbowl. Both offenses were fantastic. Some gutsy calls from the Eagles. Well deserved champions.
  7. Kirchoffs69

    House of Cards

    House of Cards is great but I think that without Spacey it is finished.
  8. Kirchoffs69


    As much as I’d like to see an Eagles win, we all know that the forces of darkness will prevail and Brady will have his sixth ring. Pats by 4.
  9. Kirchoffs69

    Nfl Championship weekend

    Jeez how good is Brady? Ten points down in the fourth quarter to that Jags D and you win? @Riverman How good will it be to watch a Super Bowl your team is in? All of us Pats haters will be on the Eagles bandwagon.
  10. Kirchoffs69

    Nfl Championship weekend

    Of course the flip side to this is imagine losing a home Superbowl!!!
  11. Kirchoffs69

    Nfl Championship weekend

    Tough calls this week. I think the Vikings D will be too much for the Eagles offense so I’m gonna go for the Vikes in a low scoring affair. As much as I’d like to see the Jags win, I think the Pats have too much big time experience for them. So Pats by 10.
  12. Kirchoffs69

    Divisional round NFL

    Falcons, Patriots, Steelers and Vikings for me.
  13. Kirchoffs69

    London Games - 2018

    It’s understandable Phil, Raiders and Seahawks will be a great game to see. lol
  14. Kirchoffs69

    Wildcard Weekend

    Chiefs, Rams, Bills & Saints for me
  15. Kirchoffs69

    Black Monday

    John Fox gone in Chicago