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  1. Could be a laugh, I'll join.
  2. I’d be happy with your idea. I also think you should just join one of the divisions too if you’d like to play, the more the merrier after all.
  3. Yeah with you always beating me! Good to see you’re still about
  4. Hey hey, Used to play in the Xbox league but had to stop often due to job commitments (used to move around at least every few months for work unexpectedly). Thinking of getting back in with a league as I’m now in a stable location and job now Did we get rid of the GM league? How’s everyone doing? Seahawks fan. Xbox player. NFL London fan every year!
  5. How else would I catch up with everyone? Got to be bold Changed them now
  6. I see, thought it was a bug or something
  7. The Falcons are apparently playing 4 times next sunday on the next week of pickems.
  8. I'd love to join but it says I don't have access to this feature?
  9. Last year was great, I was 10 - 0 I think and then I had to leave to go to seattle! My team was by far the best also.
  10. BodsRFC

    Next cup

    Could always split people up by NFC AFC based on what team they support?
  11. I like it, bored of matt praters leg not going far enough for a touchback, he's pretty powerful!
  12. Being in seattle for the start of the season is glorious!

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