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  1. Could I be put on the waiting list too. Im aware it’s finishing soon but I’m looking more towards madden 20
  2. No worries, I joined the arena as they had some spots open
  3. Sorry was ill the last couple of days. I’ll have a look and sign now
  4. It says I don’t have permission to read it. is there another link? GT - BodsRFC
  5. I’ll take the rams if possible.
  6. Is there currently space? How far into the season are you?
  7. No posts for awhile, is there still a waiting list of 3?
  8. How else would I catch up with everyone? Got to be bold Changed them now
  9. I see, thought it was a bug or something
  10. The Falcons are apparently playing 4 times next sunday on the next week of pickems.
  11. I'd love to join but it says I don't have access to this feature?
  12. Last year was great, I was 10 - 0 I think and then I had to leave to go to seattle! My team was by far the best also.
  13. BodsRFC

    Next cup

    Could always split people up by NFC AFC based on what team they support?
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