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  1. Joe

    Jags/Eagles on Sunday

    Dunno what I’m on about with Marylebone, must have had my head up my bum this morning. Was Riley’s sports bar Haymarket we went to, was decent to be fair, might just go back there
  2. Joe

    Jags/Eagles on Sunday

    We were in a sports bar near Marylebone a few years ago which was decent, will have to try and find it
  3. Anyone going to this? We have a full squad going, me, @ThePacFish, @Goldenbeard, @Riverman And @RFC Buncey, PFL history! Will be some pub action going on and looking for somewhere to watch the NFL afterwards
  4. Joe

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    Yeah, plus riverman, goldenbeard and buncey
  5. Joe

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    Sounds a bit naff!
  6. Joe

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    In what respect? We were talking about going there next week
  7. Joe

    Titans/Chargers Wembley

    Enjoy @helimachoptor! Nothing better than seeing your team play
  8. Joe

    MaddenPFL DraftKings!!!

    Haven’t been getting notifications either, easy enough to find though, on the home page just scroll down to ‘leagues’ and it’s there
  9. Joe

    UFC 229 Khabib vs Mcgregor

    He wasn’t arrested, the only way he would be is if Danis pressed charges and no way he would, I don’t think he even connected with him He will be subject to the Athletic commission, probably get a year ban from competing and lose a large amount of his purse Conor already refused to press charges against the lads who attacked him Dont let a bit of hyperbole spoil a good story though lol
  10. Joe


    Yeah, I use it for sending money to South Africa. Big fan of it, the only real downside is the customer service or lack of, they do reply via their live chat but it can take 12 hours to get an answer
  11. Joe

    Fantasy Football

    I am glad you have accepted this now
  12. That’s the full 16 paid up, nice to see 15 back from last year Ill stick a poll up for draft time a week before Final 16 - Joe RamsDan TriangleKing RFC Buncey HLR Milo Snapdan ThePacFish Ramburgers Volki BTG Zoso Shane MurghBatwar Aaron Toploader Hitthesticks
  13. One space left, @Hitthesticks10 is first up £10 secures it. PayPal is gourock316@hotmail.com , if you prefer bank transfer PM me and I’ll send details
  14. Just a reminder to @Aaron and @TopLoader
  15. 11 paid so far, up to date list in the OP