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  1. Joe


    Yeah, I use it for sending money to South Africa. Big fan of it, the only real downside is the customer service or lack of, they do reply via their live chat but it can take 12 hours to get an answer
  2. Joe

    Fantasy Football

    I am glad you have accepted this now
  3. That’s the full 16 paid up, nice to see 15 back from last year Ill stick a poll up for draft time a week before Final 16 - Joe RamsDan TriangleKing RFC Buncey HLR Milo Snapdan ThePacFish Ramburgers Volki BTG Zoso Shane MurghBatwar Aaron Toploader Hitthesticks
  4. One space left, @Hitthesticks10 is first up £10 secures it. PayPal is gourock316@hotmail.com , if you prefer bank transfer PM me and I’ll send details
  5. Just a reminder to @Aaron and @TopLoader
  6. 11 paid so far, up to date list in the OP
  7. I would anticipate there being a couple of spaces pal
  8. The money secures your spot lads
  9. Thought this was a success (again) last year, everyone seemed to retain their interest with a close race for playoff places and Pacfish (£100) and Shane (£50) were happy with their payouts so I intend to run it again Draft date will be the Sunday before Week 1 and I'll do a poll for the time later on The 16 who were in last year will get first dibs on places, if they haven't taken it up after a week I'll open it up to others, who can stick their names down now. Max places is 16, it'll run with 10+. Last years entrants are tagged below, with the exception of myself and @RamsDan who never claimed his 3rd place £10 Entry will again be £10 with prize structure determined by entries, ideally the same 100/50/10 as last year If you have my bank or PayPal details from last year they haven't changed so feel free to go ahead and pay, or PM/whatsapp me and I'll chuck them over  @Aaron @Beyond The Game @RFC Buncey @HLR Milo @MurghBatwar @Ramburgers @shanew1705 @SnapDan @ThePacFish @Triangle King @dr_volki @ZoSo @TopLoader @rayski Paid so far - Joe RamsDan TriangleKing RFC Buncey HLR Milo Snapdan ThePacFish Ramburgers Volki BTG Zoso Shane MurghBatwar Aaron Toploader Hitthesticks
  10. Joe

    Easiest way from Heathrow to Wembley

    You did ask for the easiest way £33-41 in an Uber tbf, not exactly the earth
  11. Joe

    Easiest way from Heathrow to Wembley

    Easiest way is a taxi!
  12. Detroit selects - Derrick Nnadi, DT, Florida State They need d line help badly and he’s one of the better ones still available apparently!
  13. With pick 72, the Jets select - Arden Key, edge rusher, LSU Boom or bust prospect, had an awful senior season after missing all the off season stuff with personal issues. But has all the qualities to be a top edge rusher, a position the Jets are desperate at
  14. Detroit Lions select - Sony Michel, HB, Georgia Dead last in rushing for the last 3 years, the Lions move on from Abdullah with Michel. Widely tipped to be a low first round pick, he’s great value here and could reinvigorate Detroit’s rushing attack
  15. With the 20th pick of the 2018 draft, the Detroit Lions select - Derwin James, S, Florida State Probably a slightly controversial pick as it’s not a huge need, but the Lions have so many needs it’s hard to settle on what’s the biggest anyway. O line, D line, linebackers, RB, WR, CB all have holes so you’re shooting fish in a barrel anyway. What attracted me to James for them is that he’s dropped more than he should, he’s pretty much a consensus top 10 pick and in the top 5 players on many big boards Where he could potentially fit in is as a SS cum linebacker, he seems to be one of those hybrid players who loves to play in the box and hit people, but is also comfortable covering TEs and backs in man coverage and linebacker is not a deep position for the Lions