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  1. Joe

    Easiest way from Heathrow to Wembley

    You did ask for the easiest way £33-41 in an Uber tbf, not exactly the earth
  2. Joe

    Easiest way from Heathrow to Wembley

    Easiest way is a taxi!
  3. Detroit selects - Derrick Nnadi, DT, Florida State They need d line help badly and he’s one of the better ones still available apparently!
  4. With pick 72, the Jets select - Arden Key, edge rusher, LSU Boom or bust prospect, had an awful senior season after missing all the off season stuff with personal issues. But has all the qualities to be a top edge rusher, a position the Jets are desperate at
  5. Detroit Lions select - Sony Michel, HB, Georgia Dead last in rushing for the last 3 years, the Lions move on from Abdullah with Michel. Widely tipped to be a low first round pick, he’s great value here and could reinvigorate Detroit’s rushing attack
  6. With the 20th pick of the 2018 draft, the Detroit Lions select - Derwin James, S, Florida State Probably a slightly controversial pick as it’s not a huge need, but the Lions have so many needs it’s hard to settle on what’s the biggest anyway. O line, D line, linebackers, RB, WR, CB all have holes so you’re shooting fish in a barrel anyway. What attracted me to James for them is that he’s dropped more than he should, he’s pretty much a consensus top 10 pick and in the top 5 players on many big boards Where he could potentially fit in is as a SS cum linebacker, he seems to be one of those hybrid players who loves to play in the box and hit people, but is also comfortable covering TEs and backs in man coverage and linebacker is not a deep position for the Lions
  7. Sorry, been at work. Will sort it in a little bit
  8. This is obviously based on what we’d do personally, but I think the Browns would be insane to not take a QB with one of those picks in such a decent draft for the position. I don’t mind Barkley at 1, he could obviously be a superstar, and the 3rd choice of QBs is still a good starting point for picking one Not a knock on Tyrod Taylor but if he couldn’t do it in Buffalo I don’t see why he’s worthy of not picking a rookie
  9. With the 3rd pick, the NEW YORK JETS select - Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA, Future Superstar QB was obviously the pick here and really noone know who the Jets do and don’t like. My heart says Baker Mayfield, if only for the headband. I see a lot of Deshawn Watson in him, may not have the best measurable but he makes plays and wins games. However, my head says take the best prospect and for me that’s Rosen. As a pure pocket passer scouts seem to rate him as the best in the draft, he throws the best balls, has arm strength and accuracy. He also comes from a more pro focused offence at UCLA There are knocks on him, that he’s maybe not been the best leader and that keeping him focused could be an issue, but he’s just turned 21, none of us were particularly mature at that that age. And he has seemingly reassured a lot of the teams who’ve taken him for visits that those things won’t be issues The big question is whether he can be what New York wants him to be, the new Broadway Joe. In the shiniest of all media spotlights he’ll have to be handled correctly, but having McCown as the day 1 started and a mentor could be a great way to ease him in. I’d expect to see him on the field for the second half of the season
  10. In for the Jets Happy to take a second team
  11. Joe

    Steve smith

    I can’t believe he hasn’t just stepped down, I know he comes across as an arrogant fella but he must be on the next level I’m not the biggest cricket fan but there can’t be many worse things you can do than pre planning to ball tamper?! Aside from assaulting an umpire or something
  12. Joe

    Anyone a bit of a gym pro?

    Have you had an induction? Many gyms will include making you a plan up as part of your membership, some lazy ones probably won’t I can give you a decent start though.. Start with a 10 min warmup, treadmill, bike, something like that, just to get your heart rate going. Stretch before Move on to weights, this will vary massively on what your gym has. Don’t worry about doing certain days on different parts of you body and that, as a beginner it doesn’t really matter. Pick out a routine of machines that target body parts you want to work, and then aim for 3 sets of 12 reps on each. Remember that it’s not about weight so much, you want to make sure you do all 3 sets in clean reps with good form, that’s miles more important than how much weight is on. If you’re struggling to do that, weight goes down and then build slowly from there Last thing is to finish off with 30-45 mins of cardio. You can do it on one machine or split it, the important thing is how hard you’re working. Google heart rate training zones, you stick in your age and weight etc and it will tell you where you want your heart rate to be to work effectively, most modern equipment has sensors on that you can use to monitor it, and then the aim is to stick in that zone for the entire time which you’ll figure out by changing your speed and resistance It’s pretty daunting starting the gym and knowing nothing about it, but if you stick at it you’ll pick loads up just watching and talking to people, new exercises, how to use other machines etc
  13. Joe

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    Very up and down on the Jets business. Missing out on Cousins sucks, but as a current prospect we couldn’t really compete with the Vikings Signing both McCown and Bridgewater leaves me a bit dubious that we will take a QB, especially with so many teams looking to trade above us. I really like Bridgewater, high high ceiling albeit plenty of questions, but a 1 year deal just leaves us in the same position next year if he’s a home run On the brighter side, I love Tru albeit we paid the ‘most cash in the league’ tax and really like Avery Williamson to come in and partner Lee. Never been much of a Crowell fan, would still expect to draft a HB relatively highly Would love to get Sheldon Rich back today, Jensen or Long at C and another CB, potentially Fuller or even Claiborne back. That business would leave us in a half decent position
  14. Joe

    30 for 30 : Madden

    There’s a new podcast series out from the 30 for 30 series, similar to the tv docs but audio based. One of the first season is looking at the origins of Madden, how it got made and how Madden got involved etc Really good listen, as are the rest even if you’re not into the sports they cover!
  15. Done Plenty of Liverpool games, including the home leg of the 2005 champions league quarter final against Juventus, and a league cup final at the Millennium stadium England games including the 2004 euros in Portugal and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa Six nations at twickenham, loads of them UFC a few times in the UK Australian open tennis, albeit just a grounds pass but did see Tim Henman play Quite a few of the NFL international series games including the Jets/Dolphins at Wembley A yankees game in New York, most boring thing I’ve ever been to, left in the 7th inning Darts world championships at Ally Pally, as good as it looks on tv 2009 lions tour of SA, not a test unfortunately as they didn’t have one in Cape Town, just a couple of warm up games Loads of random stuff too that doesn’t really warrant its own line, the Mosconi Cup, the greyhound derby and quite a few of the greyhound tracks in Australia, WWE Monday Night Raw Bucket list SuperBowl, and a jets game at Metlife A big UFC event in Vegas The Masters Quite fancy a couple of weeks following the TDF around the mountains in a camper van Stuff other people want to do that I think would be really dull Any sort of F1 or motor racing Cricket. Any.