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  1. Afraid not, it really died on its bum I believe @ThePacFish is looking at going to something in London with @Mcmanus and @RamsDan so you could sound them out
  2. Really really try? Truth be told I’ve done nothing with it with the lack of enthusiasm and how last year went. I’ll speak to the guys who normally go and see what they want to do and let you know
  3. Just trying to sort through all the multitude of interest
  4. It’s been mooted and considered before. The truth is that I’m not trying to organise some mega maddenpfl meet up, it’s just a fun night out that we have been doing for a long time and the location is good for the people that have supported it. I genuinely have no issues with someone else organising another one in London, the South, Ireland etc The more the merrier
  5. You are welcome to organise one in London or somewhere else, fine by me, nothing wrong with having more than one The reason we have it in Manchester is that it’s handy for the people who have been going for many years now, who are primarily from the North and Scotland. London is fine if you are from London or the South, but it’s also very expensive to get to, stay in and drink in
  6. Is there call for this again? I’m down to organise it, but a lot of people paid and dropped out last year which made it a bit of a nonsense
  7. Not sure if it’s me, a safari issue or a forum issue but I’m getting this random search button appearing in the same place on the screen for the last 24 hours
  8. It did weeks ago didn’t it? Goldenbeard and Riverman were playing that Longshot
  9. I didn’t realise I was still classed as a VIP on here to be honest, my access to the VIP forums was taken away ages ago so assumed Davo had changed me to just FLM As I’m not in the franchises anyway I obviously won’t be sticking as a VIP on here, good luck though!
  10. I was actually going to but I can’t post anymore photos for some reason
  11. Everyone above mate, just RamsDan and his mate who’ve pulled out
  12. 2 spare places for this now on Sunday, drop me a PM if interested
  13. That’s 16 paid for and booked today. Spaces now are on an ad hoc basis if anyone else decides to come, I can likely book more on but obviously any guarantee it No idea why the writing is so big when I come it from notes Joe x 1 Ramburgers x 4 Fcumkev x 1 Thepacfish x 1 Rainbowdoc x 2 Milo x 1 LiquidSolid99 x 1 Carlos x 1 RamsDan x 2 Lukewarm x 1 MackemJet
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