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  1. Bos

    Just to let you know you're up in the draft again mate :up:

  2. Conference Games FSL is up :up:

  3. Xpress divisional FSL is up, let's get posting please

  4. #PrayForCherriesFan http://youtu.be/adixaUTPscc

    1. Perrin


      Bad luck Cherries

    2. oX ULTRA Xo

      oX ULTRA Xo

      qb runs about and fumbles who would have known :>)

    3. cherriesfan


      season ending play, vick was cut, after I completed a 15 point comeback in the last 4mins

  5. Signup for the Xbox One cup closes on Sunday at 6pm, shortly before the round 1 draw. If you have an Xbox one and haven't signed up, why not? You don't have to be a current coach in a franchise http://maddenpfl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28176-xbox-one-cup-sign-up-thread/

  6. SignUp is open for the first Xpress cup, you don't have to be an xpress coach to take part in it. Sign up here..

  7. 3 spaces left in the NFL mock draft, signup closes in a couple of hours...

  8. 19 signups for the NFL mock draft so far. If you haven't signed up yet, why not?!

  9. Signup is now open for this years NFL mock draft, see the link for details

  10. #HASHTAGSUNDAY #letthehashseethetag

  11. I have a 6th and two 7ths to give away for the GM draft tonight, anyone?

  12. Poll for the Xpress draft closes at midnight, vote here .. http://doodle.com/7aiutns2vnzettpb

  13. The Xpress franchise will see only it's 2nd winner after 4-time champ OX ULTRA XO was beaten in his conference game today by his b*****d twin OX EVO XO!!

  14. It's week 17 in the Xpress! Wondering who can and can't hit the playoffs? Check it out here..