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  1. SnapDan

    Madden 19

    Our first info. TO is the cover photo and it's released way earlier than normal, August 7th! https://twitter.com/terrellowens/status/1000028402169073667?s=19
  2. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    @AaronVikings up
  3. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    jags on the clock @Danielrae
  4. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    Steelers select Arizona State running back Kalen Ballage. With the Lev Bell situation grabbing a running back here is good, Ballage runs a 4.40 and is 6'2. He looks strong and quick and behind the Steelers OL against tired defences could really take some heat off Bell and offer a different type of game.
  5. SnapDan

    New website design?

    Nice. UK badge in too
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    Predict The Pick

  7. SnapDan

    2018 NFL Draft

    So the draft is just a week away and then we have the pit of misery till the NFL returns in July for camp? Pre season in August then the real deal. The draft is considered to be one of the best QB classes since the eli, big Ben, rivers etc one according to some things I've read (it may just be draft hype) but I think it's in general agreement who the big 6 are. Everyone has a different opinion on who is better, how much they've watched, read etc so let's hear them, what order would you put this years QBs in! For me #1 - Mayfield. Watched alot of his games over the last couple seasons and really like him. Always in the heisman talk and then won it this year. He's just a winner, never lost a road game? His leadership looks awesome, his team follow him and love him. His only red flags, one is off the field antics (and some on th field but not play, grabbing his nuts and the flag incident) and his height, which he can't control. If Mayfield was 6'2, I don't even think there is a discussion for #1 in the media. His accuracy and play has been better than the other 5 and he wins! #2 - Darnold, not ready to play now imo, he'd be the youngest starter ever. He fumbles the ball alot but he is a great QB and leader. #3 - Mason Rudolph, I really like Rudolph, think he's reliable and accurate. Doesn't turn the ball over too much and is your typical size etc. Think he probably is the last one of the 6 drafted but that could mean he lands in the best situation. #4 - Lamar Jackson, the all round athlete. Another heisman winner, believe had just as many rushing Tds as passing TDs. Didn't watch him as much as I've seen others but looking at his stats, his accuracy is a problem and will he be able to run over NFL defenders as much as college. You can run around a lot but you got to make throws to win games or you'll be easy to stop. #5 - Josh Rosen, most NFL ready is the one you normally see next to Rosen. He talks a good game and plays good in a good situation, but his number 1 sport was tennis until he got a shoulder injury that made him stop playing, he's had injury problems in college. Can someone with shoulder problems and concussion history last as a starter, and will he have the hunger to play as he said himself, he doesn't need football. #6 Josh Allen - don't rate Allen, maybe he'll be a superstar but I just want QBs to be accurate and so far he hasn't been that
  8. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    @Danielrae jags on the clock
  9. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    Pick 60 for the Steelers is Uchenna Nwosu from USC Perfect fit for a 34 defence as an OLB. You can never have enough pass rushers and Nwosu blew up last year with 9.5 sacks and 11.5 tackles for loss. Strengths Really athletic with loose lower body movement Plays with smooth directional change and has instant stop-start quickness to put himself in position to make the play Takes a hard dive down the line of scrimmage from backside to challenge running lanes Possesses good burst and overall chase speed Hearty hitter looking to run through ball carriers and receivers with a thud Expected to test well at the Combine Looks for opportunities to strip the football when ball carrier is sufficiently slowed Looks fluid in his drops Has 19 passes defensed over the last two seasons
  10. SnapDan

    Your American Sports/Teams

    Seahawks, first game I watched was in 2010. Seahawks v Bears, Hawks hadn't won a superbowl and the Bears had so I didn't want to be a glory hunter, preferred a team who'd never won a ring. Then it was a perfect choice cos seahawks perfect team for me with crazy loyal fans (like Birmingham) players with attitude and hard hitting etc feels like a perfect fit for me. More I watched NFL more I liked the draft and more I wanted to watch college, huskies were the logical choice because if I want to go see hawks live the huskies are right there too, rather than needing to go to 2 parts of America to see my teams. Tried basketball but just can't get into it or stay interested in a team and didn't enjoy the game which would have helped interest. Nhl is a good game but like basketball I think there's too many games in a season so hard to stay interested for me, maybe I'll bandwagon the next play offs and see how it goes then pick a team Got a sounders jersey when they signed oba Martins but don't really care about their scores or follow them, tho when I do visit seattle I wouldn't mind catching a game.
  11. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    @LevettUK Cowboys on the clock
  12. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    Cardinals on the clock @tripperman28
  13. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    @LiquidSolid999 Bengals are up
  14. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    With the 5th pick of the 2nd round of the PFL mock draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Ronald Jones – Running Back (USC) Since letting Doug Martin go in the off season, many have people have been less than complimentary about the Bucs RB depth chart which comprises of Jacquizz Rodgers and Peyton Barber. In truth, Barber and Rodgers have both exceeded expectation when called upon in the cast couple of seasons, however as reliable as both players are the Buccaneers do lack a real explosive talent in the back field. That’s why I believe that USC’s speedster Ronald Jones could add something to this team that could really make an early impact. The comparisons that Jones has been drawing include Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles. Whilst Jones is not as fast as Johnson when he entered the NFL, many expected him to run a sub 4.40 time in the 40 yard dash. Unfortunately he pulled up during the combine and was officially awarded a 4.65 time. You watch the tape of Jones though and you will see the speed and explosive play capability that he has. Having seen the likes of Tarik Cohen make an impact in the NFL year, I think Jones can make a similar impact for the Bucs next year in the running, passing and return game. Jones was used sparingly in the passing game at USC and I think the Bucs would like to get him more involved in that if they were to draft him in the 2ndround this year. @JA15 Bears are on the clock
  15. SnapDan

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    @Riverman 'world' champs are on the clock