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  1. Anyone can add anyone to any group. But pointless having 2 anyway. #ForTheMany
  2. Starting now... Any previous winners like you don't need one.
  3. Nice. I suggested it though I'd never seen them before, just aware they were a thing in the past. Look good!
  4. Coach of the Jaguars @Mcmanus official warning for lack of activity. Too many games on AP and too many times not posted to schedule a game during season one. In season 2 failure to post in a fixtures thread during the required time or going on AP for an opponent without good reason will result in removal from the PFL League.
  5. You're only missing gregory and Prescott for 4 weeks. Injuries were removed then turned down in week 3
  6. Pierre Garcon @Ken2Blitzkrieg is to be dropped from the depth chart for one game due to excessive stats in a CPU game v @tripperman28 Redskins. 329 yards and 3 touchdowns V the CPU. A score of 45-20 doesn't look great against a CPU but those kind of yards are not acceptable. Please remove Pierre Garcon from the depth chart for one game (Week 7 V Cowboys) Could everyone please keep an eye on their stats in games V the cpu.
  7. It's difficult to tell I think everyone so far is having a different experience, we still have 13/14 teams without a single injury after a couple games. In my 2nd game no on even left the game, not a single scratch. One/two weeks would be hard to make a rash decision. If the back ups back up is getting injured and half the league is down to RB 4, QB 3, CB 6 etc then it's a clear issue. But if 4/5 teams have lost their starting RB it's just bad luck not a bug imo.
  8. Just looking at daddy leagues on arena and on yours and ravens roster only John Ross is injured. 1 player excessive... Or is it's because the guy you wanted to stat pad
  9. If we were to adjust the sliders all the current injuries would be removed
  10. Yeah been monitoring it bud, been asking advice of other CFM leagues too, I think every team is having a different experience so far, like there is only 2 QBs in the league injured and both play for the saints. Myself lost Jay ajayi in week 1 for 6 weeks after just 2 carries but his injury rating is about 80 so it's to be expected. The aim is to keep it sim as possibe without taking the fun out of it. The best way to learn is to let it play out a couple weeks, we can remove all injuries from players at any point. In week one there were only 22 players injured half of them were 60/70 ovr guys who must have been playing special teams or something. I think though even if we turn them down to 20/30 people will feel even more hard done by when losing players because it won't be happening to as many other people around the league. It seems to be mainly players in similar positions getting injured especially running backs, which is a pretty injury prone position irl
  11. Yeah bud we are keeping an eye on it. In week 1 in the PFL there was like 22 injured players who are going to miss weeks. Most injuries are just in game and then they are fine when it's finished. It's not a 'bug' looking amount of injuries at the minute but that could change as we play more games. Injuries can be removed at any point in the season though so if all hell did start to break loose we could wipe them all
  12. Already saw this last night Mr Editor, it's on youtube and twitter already @DiodeX
  13. Said he posted on NFL Brits or something. I'm not on facebook, @Beyond The Game you want the Facebook gig?
  14. @tripperman28 has been ruling the facebook roost if you want to send him the details/give him the rights
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