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  1. Yeah will let you know if a spot comes up.
  2. Weird combination of teams to follow! Yeah thought so from Sunderland myself so knew what a smoggie was right away haha
  3. Welcome to the party @Smoggie smog...anything to do with Middlesbrough? Who's your NFL team? Most importantly....Team Green (Xbox) or Blue (PS4)
  4. Welcome guys, great to see all these new members flooding in
  5. Welcome to the site. @Vondia is a fellow Texans fan, you just doubled the numbers for Texans fans I believe lol Sign up for the PFL waiting list and get some games in the arena too. Anything you're unsure about just hit me up.
  6. Welcome to the league, be sure to sign up to the PFL waiting list here And join the arena test yourself and the competition A
  7. You could also download the discord app to be more in the know/involved
  8. We have 28 members in of the 32 league in discord would be great to get the final 4 as well and have everyone in @PFL Coach 😉
  9. Welcome to the site. I think 90% of the Madden players will want to play as the chiefs 😂
  10. STRUCTURE Owner mode - Create an owner, or be an active owner it is up to you. You can change all your prices freely, hire and fire coaches freely. Funds go towards your bonus for players contracts so don't overspend, Everything else is the same as coach mode 9 minute quarters After thought because of the amount of new members no relocation of teams will be apart of Madden 21 Advance Our week will now start on a Sunday. This means our advances our game weeks will be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 1. Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 2. So now each game week has 2 midweek days and
  11. hey bud welcome to the site! @tripperman28 runs one of our Xbox leagues I believe has some spaces! Are you from the uk?
  12. Nice. don't take any advice from people on which teams to follow, the Rams fans will be on you to get on the bandwagon @RamsDan
  13. Welcome to the site @overduewand where do you live, who's your favourite NFL team/other sports teams?
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