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  1. PaulG

    QB only league - daily advance

    @Vondia Sounds good let me know details and I will give it a go
  2. PaulG

    Delay/Lag issues playing online

    They need to revert back to using the right stick for kicking. At least when it happened then - which it did - you could time it. Also think introducing kick blocking system in M17 compounded existing issues. Kicking is such an issue I would honestly prefer it if they gave us the option to sim it and you watch from like a coach-eye view. like the QB does in the NFL
  3. PaulG

    PFL Coaches

    Name: Paul NFL Team: Steelers Other Sports Teams: Sydney roosters, Aust cricket 11, Yankees First Madden: Madden an Amiga 500 early 1990s. - online on and off since PS3 versions Other favourite games: Don bradman cricket, Speedball 2 still best game ever made