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  1. I have four but its made this Madden realistic and depth important Am really enjoying it even if I can throw for toffee - but then I couldnt in Madden 15 16 17 18 .....
  2. the clearing of old posts hasnt made any difference
  3. @SnapDan @helimachoptor Thing is how do you adjust sliders when teams have players injured and some do not? Its a sim game - I have three 85+OVR starters out including Freeman but hey it is what it is - NEXT MAN UP Probably as close to sim than it has been for years and years - you want 100% inj free season then go offline I say keep as is, and will probably now lose Ryan and Jones next week but my mind wont change I have always tried to go depth and for the first Madden I have ever known its becoming relevant - have seen too many GM's over the years build a team of starters then have 60+ OVR as back ups with no consequence
  4. Nice to have another new joiner - welcome!!
  5. Dont laugh - how do you download the patch? Just logged in and nothing has happened automatically Ian
  6. Cant open the link Diodex : You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/K
  7. hubblewiffle

    my vip

    I am just showing as a coach as well nothing re vip on my record at all
  8. hola amigo y bienvenido al club!!!
  9. Welcome to the site mate - look forward playing you sometime
  10. Jeez Cam Welcome to the best
  11. Welcome Easiest way to learn is dive right in!!!
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