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  1. DavoteK

    Honours Board

    Nowts being lost. Everything you have now will cross over.
  2. DavoteK

    McGregor Mayweather

    The last throws of a disorganised cluster f**k of a sport that has failed to get with the times and remove the convoluted title picture. The reason these fights get the attention is because no one cares who the world champions are. And by not care, I mean there's too many to make it even matter anymore. This is why fights that grab mainstream attention are at the forefront in boxing these days, ahead of actual boxing matches. Said it before and I'll keep saying it while boxing slowly fades in to a shadow of what it was; There needs to be a massive overhaul of the sport to make it relevant. One world champion per division, fights mandated, not picking and choosing. Don't agree to those rulings, don't get licensed. Simple.
  3. DavoteK

    Avengers Infinity War

    I couldn't be any more erect.
  4. DavoteK

    Hard Knocks

    Love s**t like this. Be good to watch something with less annoying petulant winkers like there are on Last Chance U.
  5. DavoteK


    Someone thought to add it to a google doc and slam it up for everyone to look at?
  6. DavoteK


    See, if that was in a thread, you would have found it already And so would everyone else
  7. DavoteK


    PEN = FLM Shoutbox only creates community links between those that are active at the time. Not with the entire community.
  8. DavoteK


    Does FLM or PEN need a shout box?
  9. DavoteK


    Didn't touch it, so f**k all ya'll. Did upgrade the forum though, so perhaps incompatible. But still, f**k all ya'll
  10. DavoteK

    American Football Movies

  11. DavoteK

    EU In or Out/OMG Out won.

    Got our country back
  12. DavoteK

    Last chance u

    Some really irritating mother f**kers on there.
  13. DavoteK

    Views on Jeremy Corbyn?

    He will appeal to a large portion of the populous that don't like the way the government is doing things. The same populous are the ones that don't bother voting. If he can appeal to the youth vote over the next 2 or 3 years and not come out with some calamitous old man's Johnson up, I don't think its gonna be the white wash that the tories are expecting. They need to take this guy seriously and not just use some bulls**t "this guy is a threat to our national security" bollox. I don't care either way tbh. Like what Labour stands for (well, what it is meant to stand for, not what it turned in to recently), but don't really care if its a Conservative or Labour government. Been through both and if I'm being honest, neither effected me, in fact, I think the Conservative government (Thatcherpookeynoodle and Major) had more of an impact on me in my youth with the effects they had on manufacturing and the impact its had on my town, but since then, I've ensured that the jobs I have are not in the firing line.
  14. DavoteK

    MUT habits

    GOTS to get paid
  15. DavoteK

    Tom Brady's Suspension OVERTURNED

    LOL at the rage