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  1. no rush, but figure i won't be the only one
  2. not sure if i'm the only one. but player search looks like this at the mo. @TopLoader
  3. I see you still dont trust the germans with any kind of power
  4. did mine go all through? think i paid at the end of last month?
  5. cowboys are all overrated anyway, so dunno why he's moaning
  6. http://daddyleagues.com/thepfl/players?name=&position=all&team=GB&injured=1 i'm currently holding the record with most injuries in the pfl think people need to calm their tits a bit except winti for losing 2qbs
  7. were they all gonna miss multiple weeks or just couple of snaps?
  8. as long as everyone has to struggle with it, unlike previous maddens where 1 team would have 5-6 guys injured and most other teams dont have any at all, i don't have an issue with it
  9. thinking about it now...you want to keep it sim. fine keep the confidence. i'll lose more than i win anyway however then i'd like 1 thing. get rid of the s**tty 6 year contracts to all your bum depth players have that every gm seems to hand out in here.
  10. i have no idea how a locker room works? i still actively play icehockey and last time i checked it's not a solo sport, but i guess you're right. not sure how you;d know what i call all game since you don't see my adjustments, but ok. i probably call more cover 2 than 3, so at least get your facts straight there's losing and then there's losing thanks to madden. anyways i thought the aim is to have a more competitive league but with comments like this i guess not. otherwise the easiest solution to level the playing field is to turn confidence off. with the current confidence system (unlike last madden) worse players get worse, more actual stat regression, while better players get better players + more actual stat upgrades. so really bad players just get double f**ked while the good players get their old man's Johnson and balls sucked at the same time
  11. you just have no clue what you're talking about for info, i can see the difference this season being 5-4 rather than my usual 2-7. my oline is holding for once compared to previous seasons. but yeah we'll just blame other s**t
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