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  1. is this gonna be finished by the time the 2020 draft is over?
  2. dr_volki

    Predict The Pick

  3. dr_volki

    Your American Sports/Teams

    Nfl - packers got them in one of the leagues then started watching them and fell in move with arod nhl - used to love the devils but once i started playing myself i started following players rather than teams
  4. dr_volki

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    gotta go bruins. keep up with your fake irish identity
  5. dr_volki

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    which will never be repeated. it's a different league
  6. dr_volki

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    2011 eagles come to mind
  7. dr_volki

    Anyone a bit of a gym pro?

    agreed machines train specific muscle groups. free weights will train more since you'll require balancing
  8. dr_volki

    Anyone a bit of a gym pro?

    if i were you, do free weights get away from the machines. strengthen up your core first. deadlifts, squads, planks (shudder) all that kinda s**t. then figure out what you want to do. i had a plan but didn't follow after a couple of weeks it was closer to HIIT (seemed to be the rage back then).
  9. dr_volki

    Sneaky Pete

    Out now
  10. dr_volki

    NFL 2018 Offseason

    Sadly jordy is not what hes been and you saw it last season only productive player after arod went down was adams gonna miss him though
  11. dr_volki

    House of Cards

    Stop slacking @Winti26 2evenings is more than enough for 1 season (i speak from experience)
  12. dr_volki

    XFL is back

    so much backbone from McMahon. no player with a criminal record is allowed, but johnny manziel will be the execption yeah? it's gonna fail
  13. dr_volki

    London Games - 2018

    pretty sure that leaked picture was fake. way too many good games
  14. dr_volki

    London Games - 2018

    Last year wouldve been ideal jags were hosting the packers
  15. dr_volki

    London Games - 2018

    Still waiting for arod to come over before i go