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  1. To All players in the PFL and Arena Leagues We have a great opportunity for you all A competition of sorts A copy of Madden 20 will be given to someone that the commissioners of both leagues deems to have made the best contribution to the site and their respected league. this could be streaming their games, match reports, site content, etc @JA15 is kindly donating the copy of Madden 20 on Xbox for our competition
  2. We currently have a GroupMe for general banter if you wish to be added please contact @SnapDan who is the admin for it
  3. Good man I’m not a fan of group me as the rest can tell you
  4. 100% support @TopLoader Mehta donyou beed from us buddy ?
  5. I want to apologise to all coaches and commissioners my activity on the site and arranging games has been appalling I have had some personal issues that needed dealing with also I have started a new job that is a lot more full on to what I was doing before and have been doing intensive training I have had a friend staying with me for the past month as he is having marital issues I've jus got back from a week in New York so to say I've a bit going would be an understatement I care a lot about the site and the leagues things are settling down now so I will be a lot more active just wanted you all to know I haven't just sacked off the leagues cheers lads
  6. The league is filling up nicely some good lads back in the fold great stuff
  7. just to add I know I haven't been around a lot recently but I will be on the site a lot more going forward and happy to help with any questions or admin
  8. the king is dead long live the king @RamsDan @SnapDan
  9. Maybe for another thread/topic but I like the idea of site interaction coming into play when deciding team draft order for next madden
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