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  1. need to win some games in ukml... only 1 W so far...i don't even have a 1st rd pick lol...uBeep will be happy

    1. Riverman


      could well have beaten me mate, keep trucking with t-rich and the W's will come

  2. 10 days & counting till wembley...3 game season ticket is a must next year

  3. U can't spell SUC without USC

    1. Beyond The Game

      Beyond The Game

      At least USC know how to win a bowl game, I can't remember the last time Notre Lame won a bowl game.

    2. GlasgowRaider


      Isn't Will Ferrell in talks to be Head Coach?

  4. busy weekend starts today....gig in king X tonight......seeing a pal over from florida tomoz.....meeting ex vikes & steelers players then rgents st sat followed by seeing a mate back from AUS before heading to camden for a birds Bday........then early start sun for the biggest day in a Uk NFL fans calender......MON I WILL BE IN BITS all good craic though

  5. busy weekend starts today

  6. who should i start in my other league, stafford v vikes or ryan v saints

    1. xelnino9x


      Matt Ryan it'll be a shoot out vs the Saints!

    2. Mcmanus


      was thinking that

      nice 1 mate

    3. StueyH111
  7. not getting M25 until mon :(

  8. shane filan embarks on his solo career.. good luck fella

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    2. Ben SFC
    3. Ben SFC

      Ben SFC

      With Phil, not the good luck for Shane Filan.

    4. Goldenbeard


      Consider yourself warned, Kev. Any more of this and it's a month ban!

  9. 1st ever playoff apperance....boo ya :D

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    2. GlasgowRaider
    3. Sneddon11


      It's as if you've got married or had a baby. Seriously though good luck mate, play like you did against me and you could go deep I reckon...

    4. Sc0tty84


      All the best!

  10. Miles Kane this Fri, INHALER

  11. is in a funny mood today

  12. U might not agree with me, but then you'd be wrong

  13. if bennett leaves the Gmen, they should draft Tyler Eifert #GoIrish