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  1. Welcome to the site! Seen that @tripperman28 is getting you set-up with the Panthers in the Arena league - see you there!
  2. Thanks @Vondia! I’m from Somerset in the UK, I imagine everyone will enjoy listening to my accent
  3. Cheers guys @RamsDan @SnapDan @StueyH111 @tripperman28. And thank you @tripperman28, very much looking forward to getting involved!
  4. Many thanks @PatsUK - I will do just that!
  5. Hey guys, I'm Neil and i'm pretty much a complete NFL (let alone Madden) rookie. Apart from watching the first quarter of a couple of Superbowls, I had taken zero interest in the NFL until around June this year when a friend I had become estranged with asked me to join their Fantasy Football league. I did join, and thus started a self-managed crash course in NFL and Fantasy Football - my justification for buying Madden 17 to my girlfriend (now Fiancée) was that it was a 'research tool' :P. I bought Madden 18 a while ago and, while i'm confident that i'm still completely pants at the game, I now feel like making my first foray into online play having stuck with offline Franchise Mode so far. I feel like i'd benefit much more joining a well established community where I can learn a lot more, rather than just playing random players in H2H mode (never been a big UT player with the FIFA series). I'm probably about as beginner as they come. I currently play the game on Pro level (I think), almost always just take the coach's suggested play, and have no knowledge or awareness of the various formations, play concepts and schemes or anything like that. So clearly I have a lot to learn! Hopefully i'll get the opportunity to do that starting with the PFL Arena league - from what I can tell that seems a little more casual and might be better suited to my skill level. Unless I've missed something and someone has a better suggestion! Look forward to chatting and playing with you all.
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