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  1. RainbowDoc

    New Blitzkrieg - Judge Not album release info

    Do I get mates rates for a copy Ken ?
  2. RainbowDoc

    Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    (Doc sad (
  3. Guys I usually watch my Rams game on game pass but its blacked out because its on sky. I don't have sky folks any ideal how I can watch my game ? Any help would be appreciated :).
  4. RainbowDoc

    Blitzkrieg - Reign of Fire t-shirts

    Good stuff Ken. Free T shirt to the guys in your division ???
  5. RainbowDoc

    fao admins

    Madam1919lufc yep liking that strong gamer tag :))
  6. RainbowDoc

    BLITZKRIEG New Ep to be Released

    Great stuff m8
  7. RainbowDoc

    PFL Coaches

    Name : Doc. Has been known to say : ROOAAARRRR !!! Can also now say again : Rainbows Rams Rock ROOAAARRRR.
  8. Big trade for the Rams. They give up E J Gaines CB and a 2nd round to the Bills. Rams get WR Sammy Watkins and a 6th. If he can stay healthy I think its a great pick up in my eyes.
  9. RainbowDoc

    Free Gamepass

    Cheers for info m8
  10. RainbowDoc

    Blitzkrieg back in studio

    Great stuff m8
  11. RainbowDoc

    Farewell for now...

    Sorry to hear this m8 good luck though.
  12. RainbowDoc

    Blitzkrieg News Updates

    Good stuffl Ken hope your winning m8 .
  13. RainbowDoc

    Madden down guys ?

    Anyone else having bother ?
  14. RainbowDoc

    NFL International Series 2017

    Rams Cards superb! I just need to get my tickets the morning of the first sell lol..... ROOAAARRRRR!