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  1. Hey mate when’s cool to play arena game next week I’m good either Tuesday or weds afternoon from 1-4pm or on again on weds evening maybe about 9.30 ish👍

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    2. wij07


      Good stuff 👍

    3. wij07


      If by any chance you could get on at 3pm before my missus gets home from work...saves me the ear ache you see👍

      No worrys if not!

    4. DaBurg864


      I’m on AP for you @wij07

  2. Just a quick note to all our Xbox coaches out there. Don't be a duck head!( yes I know I’m one to talk) There’s been a few instances in which members old and new have had problems with chat (GroupMe) and in-game behavior. Its simple, only trash talk guys you know can take it. Always ask your opponent if they want you to “play your game” or chew clock when things aren’t going their way. If you don’t know or can’t confirm if they are cool with banter or you pounding them in-game, then err on the safe side and take it as easy as possible. We all should be able to enjoy all that this community offers, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of other members enjoyment.
  3. Hey guys, it’s been awhile I know. I want apologize for my abrupt leaving. I want to apologize for not telling you all why I left. I had something life changing occur to my wife that shook us to our core. Out of respect for her privacy, I won’t elaborate on what that is, but know that she will ok. I’m still trying to wrap my head around things right now but just wanted to let everyone know (those that give at s**t at least) that I’m not dead. I’ll eventually come back to the leagues but not sure when that will be. I’ll pop in periodically to say hi and whatnot. Take care!
  4. @TopLoader i just signed up for VIP
  5. Me too Side note GroupMe has done wonders in my opinion for creating more rivalries. The banter had there was downright hilarious, especially with the memes and GIF's.
  6. I'll try to participate, I'm coaching again so my evenings are becoming more busy.
  7. Most definitely stay clear of incentives for reports. Incentives should be left to competitions since they usually have very little subjectivity to them. @Vondia mentioned a "nudge in the right direction" I believe that peer pressure could be the solution. The more people stream and write reports the more others may feel compelled to do it as well. Regardless, no one should be punished for being who they are. Leave it up to the community to create the experience they want to have.
  8. Gotta win to write a report, so that's understandable. I used to get p**sed when the occasional coach would ignore being tagged in a match report. I understand needing to collect your thoughts after losing but to completely ignore someone is just poor. I'm no longer bothered by it as it speaks more about their character than anything else. Thanks for your input!
  9. I vote scrap the rule and here's why. This place is a community and like any community it it's only as good as its members want it to be. I was concerned that we would reach this point with the match reports but chose to remain quite(shocking I know) to see if people would feel compelled to write them. Last Madden @Joe and I were some of the most vocal people about the lack of match reports largely due to us being part of the few writing them week after week. I don't believe in creating a false image in what this community represents. If Coaches don't feel compelled to write reports so be it, not everyone is here for the same reason. Censorship, over regulation and unilateral decision making aren't things I think if when I think of a community. The only thing that'll make me leave is if the community turns into something like that. Overall, I love it here and occasionally get p**sed with things but that's the case with any community. I believe most everyone here has good intentions and I feel something like match reports should be left to those who want to complete them. I'd rather a handful of genuine reports than a bunch of trumped up ones. Kudos for bringing it to a vote, this is a community not a dictatorship.
  10. DaBurg864


    He's good at them. He made mine for me!
  11. @RamsDan Me too bro My wife asked me why I was in such a bad mood just now
  12. I already have a ticket I paid for months a go. It was only 50 Euro so that's not an issue. Biggest thing is we are saving for a home. The deal was under no circumstances do we break budget for leisure activities. Wife was only marginally comfortable with it due to us sharing lodging and transportation costs. I can easily afford to come but it would be against my wife and I shared goals. I'm not going to lie, I'm salty but I've got to remain disciplined and stick to the rules.
  13. Hovajones and I will no longer be attending. He's expecting the birth of his first child sooner than expected and we were to split the costs of the trip.(ain't cheap coming from Germany) Its now become more expensive than I'm happy with so unfortunately I'll have to forgo this year's meet up. Sucks as I planned a great deal and listened to the wife give me a hard time for skipping out on her for the Super Bowl. Catch you next year guys, enjoy yourselves.
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