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  1. I’ll be there as always. When you consider that lads attend from all over it works well in Manchester. Irish and European lads can hop on a plane, great rail and road links. When taking Scotland into account it’s about in the middle of where we all come from.
  2. Presumably Dan and his mate are still p**sed from Twickenham?
  3. Send me your Facebook name and I'll chuck it over
  4. Think he's mugged you off there lads. Last activity on the Facebook page was @StueyH111 last year. Happy to fire it over to who ever, just tell me their Facebook names.
  5. I seemingly still admin the Facebook page if any of you admins would like to take it over?
  6. Presume you've quit to move over to Fifa to try and finally beat me
  7. Don't let phil in. He winks himself to sleep at night thinking about beating s**tters at FIFA. This cup would be his idea of heaven.
  8. Thought you'd died to be honest. Seem to remember you disappeared off the face of the earth randomly.
  9. Clearly me and you were propping up the site Keith
  10. Recommend you guys give yourselves time to visit the Football museum round the corner from the hotel. Quality couple of hours to be had in there
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