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  1. @helimachoptor I get what you mean, the coverage can be a bit OTT. Your crowd Sky lay on the hyperbole fairly thick at times
  2. Welcome @Epone I'm Irish by birth, Munster by grace of god
  3. welcome mate @Ddc1990 Aussie born but Irish by Grace of god?
  4. @LiquidSolid999 Good to have you aboard mate, even if it is on the dark side of the site (Xbox is where it's at)
  5. Wecome to the site. Best way to play madden is in a league with proper sim players, you'll enjoy it here. Oh and "Go hawks"
  6. Welcome to the site mate, great community here
  7. Just looking back at pro 8 schedule and reckon I will have had 9 CPU games out of 16 when reg season ends next week. 3 of these were because of holidays but mostly just teams with no owner. So 1 strong league definitely makes sense
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