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  1. Ok. i'm cool with this. One of my main concerns was this may tread on the various admins toes who've done a great job of late getting new members in and even getting a PS4 league off the ground. Suppose I wasn't differentiating between the front and back end work of the site. I'm not particularly technically minded and imagine a lot of s**t goes on behind the scenes relating to the site, that I wouldn't understand. I agree, you've done a great job with Daddyleagues and if you understand all this and people think you;re the best man for the job, then I've got no issues. I remember your site years ago looked very good.
  2. What's the deal then? Is @DavoteK pulling the plug? Or just wanting to walk away in due course? If so, what are the sort of numbers we're talking about here to keep the site (an alternative site running)? I don't quite know what's being asked here and it's all a bit sudden. Wouldn't mind some info to make a decision.
  3. Power Rankings are always a winner. Used to do them all the time in UKML. They do take some time though. Also, it seems to be the same players who are in the Top 10 quite often throughout the season. Ideally we wants something that involves all of the players in the league like quick hits used to. Or a combination of the two.
  4. Some good ideas in there mate. Will have a think myself.
  5. Yep. I've had way too many CPU games this year. Appreciate some get a little bored, but it's never been this bad in the final season. Hoping we can have a really good single league next year. Lots of activity, some good rivalries, match reports, regular power rankings / stats and last but not least. some competitive madden games!
  6. All the best mate. Hope you'll be back soon. Appreciate all your efforts to date.
  7. Hope you get better Joe. What time does the whole Hard Rock Cafe thing start? To those that will be there - I'll be free from around 6:30pm - 7pm. I do get there a bit earlier than this, but I'm gonna meet an old Uni mate for a drink first.
  8. If you're in China Town, I can recommend http://www.long-legs.co.uk/ Many hours spent in there whilst at Uni.
  9. Yeah. I think we need it. A lot of history on this site. Would be a shame to lose it.
  10. Just to come back to this. Someone made the point in this thread about the old awards / trophies we used to have next to our profiles. What happened to these? They were a great addition and I know when I came over here for the first time, I was mad keen to get one. Can we re-introduce them?
  11. You can just get a round in for everyone instead mate.
  12. Nice post @PatsUK. Many good points. I actually had a spare few hours prior to the Pro 8 season starting and thought about doing a preview. But I realised there were A LOT of people I'd never played and didn't even know. This goes back to @SnapDan point earlier about turning up and playing a stranger due to not seeing them on the forum much. Maybe it's because I've just switched from the Pro8 from the Pro10 last year, maybe it's because I'm not on the forum myself as much as recent years. I don't know.
  13. I think there just seems to be less 'new' people around these days to be honest. In my experience, there are always drop outs and it's a challenge to get enough new people coming in to make up for the loss of those dropping out. The retention rate seems to be down also. I don't pay too much attention, but there does seem to be a lot that join and then are off within a season or two. Perhaps this could have something to do with @DaBurg864 suggestion of a clique?... I wouldn't have thought this myself but I am a bit of a Vet now and maybe don;t pick up on these things. I remember when I ran the UKML over on the other site, our retention of players was extremely good. The community aspect of that site was excellent. Regular power rankings, stats, reports etc. It was bloody hard work to be honest though and it was only because I was off on the sick at the time that I managed to maintain that level of dedication. However, we no longer have these things over here. Maybe we should. People looking out for themselves on reports, write ups and rankings made people really feel part of something. Just a few ideas. Hope they help. Not knocking the Commish's in suggesting any of this. You guys do a fantastic job and at the end of the day, I had to step down because I can no longer commit the time that you guys do and I'm very grateful you give up your time and effort to run the leagues. I wish I could still help more. Think the community aspect may be key. Get them in and get them hooked. Make them feel part of something so that they don't want to leave. How we deliver that experience is up to us all. Not just the Commissioners.
  14. I play a lot of offline franchise these days. CPU is actually quite entertaining to play this version (as much as it can be). However, I'm not on MaddenPFL to play the CPU.
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