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  3. Pro Superbowl tonight. Lost my last 4 Superbowls. Surely I'm due a win?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Beyond The Game

      Beyond The Game

      At least this one isn't against me :up:

    3. Sovoth


      Blimey Stuey you never lost another one? That's rough! Unlucky mate.

    4. StueyH111


      5 in a row. Must be up there with Gooner now.

  4. Whatever happens tonight against Repaers Falcons in the Pro, I hope I am able to say my Bucs put up a better fight than in real life. If not, I'll be worried.

    1. Ramburgers


      he loves it when people use the option mate

    2. StueyH111


      Ha ha. I was trying new playbooks last night and tried the Eagles playbook. Thought about Reapers reaction if I used that book against him.

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