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  1. Hey Andy. You’re a blast from the past. Hope you’re well mate. Always nice to hear from some of the old UKML guys.
  2. Welcome mate. Nice to have you on board! Always nice to see new players.
  3. Ok. i'm cool with this. One of my main concerns was this may tread on the various admins toes who've done a great job of late getting new members in and even getting a PS4 league off the ground. Suppose I wasn't differentiating between the front and back end work of the site. I'm not particularly technically minded and imagine a lot of s**t goes on behind the scenes relating to the site, that I wouldn't understand. I agree, you've done a great job with Daddyleagues and if you understand all this and people think you;re the best man for the job, then I've got no issues. I remembe
  4. What's the deal then? Is @DavoteK pulling the plug? Or just wanting to walk away in due course? If so, what are the sort of numbers we're talking about here to keep the site (an alternative site running)? I don't quite know what's being asked here and it's all a bit sudden. Wouldn't mind some info to make a decision.
  5. Bonjour! Great to see more PS4 guys coming to the site!
  6. Welcome mate. I play on Xbox but always good to see more guys joining the site.
  7. Power Rankings are always a winner. Used to do them all the time in UKML. They do take some time though. Also, it seems to be the same players who are in the Top 10 quite often throughout the season. Ideally we wants something that involves all of the players in the league like quick hits used to. Or a combination of the two.
  8. Some good ideas in there mate. Will have a think myself.
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