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  1. Some of the adjustments make me lol, they did well to make a game with such flaws Glad i cancan resign now
  2. Read and mostly understood! With the waiver wire will teams be able to pick up free agents they claimed in previous waivers or is the whole thing reset? For example take Brandon Spikes. Say for instance I claimed him as the 49ers in the Pro10 would I get priority on claiming him again or are the whole waivers reset? Cheers
  3. Good job Dustin Vaughan was s**te in the Pro10 so I could cut him cause he was wearing #16 I didn't like that
  4. No problems with not editing I'd just like to say use a WR at CB etc change like that via depth chart that's a flaw on EA
  5. Recognise the name welcome back
  6. @DavoteK How do we delete messages in our inbox without emptying the whole thing?
  7. Is there going to be a new mobile site as well or is the full version just being used for mobiles?
  8. I'm back to the site and ready for another great NFL season. BIggest news is I now have fibre optic and have done for months - great news for all hopefully big different in connection speeds just hope I don't f**k up any more in games Have juggled a few things around and now have far more time so can commit to a full Madden season - forward thinking has proven important Also personal problems have been sorted out and much mentally stronger #lifestuff Hopefully past old man's Johnson ups can be forgiven and I can get back into the community as quickly as possible Loo
  9. When I click online head to head/online ffranchise a message pops up saying An Xbox live membership limitation does not allow you to use this feature Anybody else got this? Checked privacy etc it's all fine Help is much appreciated
  10. One numpty picked both the Bucs and Vikes to win Thought I'd won with the Bucs pick!
  11. Daniel Bryan going through the YES movement before the Giants game! Love it

  12. The Sean Taylor A Football Life... wow. What a programme

  13. 3A*s 6As and 2Bs almost make it worth a month of Madden!

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    2. cherriesfan


      Well done mate, all that knowledge and u still support the whiners lol

    3. StueyH111


      Seriously good grades dude. Well done.

    4. mattm_49
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