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  1. rayski

    Deadline day

    No trades from the Colts I think but hoping for some more trades in the league, would be exciting, I don't think Bell will be traded although would like to see something happen on that front. Surprised about the price on Tate, although it's a great addition to the Eagles. Can't say the same about DT, I think he is on his way out
  2. rayski

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Should arrive in the next 24 hours. HYPED!
  3. rayski

    NFL Pickems 2018

    @tripperman28 Invalid password?
  4. rayski

    PFL Evo League Daddyleagues

  5. rayski

    UFC 229 Khabib vs Mcgregor

    Not familiar with that tbh hah Khabib is no Diaz tho. He is widely regarded as one of the top if not the best pound for pound wrestler in the game. Remember Barboza's face after a round?
  6. rayski

    UFC 229 Khabib vs Mcgregor

    Disagree, both quality fighters, one world class wrestler vs a world class striker. Shoukd be great.
  7. Just realised there were no topics about this and with having so many Irish lads here, Im curious about what people think. Personally I can't believe Mcgregor chose this to be his first fight after almost 2 years of no UFC fight. I think he has a chance, but Khabib will eventually take him down where Mcgregor will no way able to compete with him. Its gotta be quick and a KO inside the first 2 rounds. As I think Khabib has the better cardio too. Thoughts?
  8. rayski


    Very similar but I think rates are better on Revolut.
  9. rayski


    You mean the revolut cards? they are fantastic. Monzo is good too.
  10. With the 95rd pick of the 2018 NFL DRAFT the New England Patriots select RB, Bo Scarbrough, Alabama Pats get their second coming of Blount and will punish people at the line of scrimmage.
  11. With the 63rd pick in the 2nd round of the 2018 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots select Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon We gotta replace Solder who left for the Giants and this kid brings a nasty attitude in the running game. Can be a starter at RT but might just start as a G in his first season. Crosby lined up at left tackle for the Ducks. He has a nice blend of size, power and instincts. In the passing game, he lacks upper-tier quickness, but he does a nice job of staying square, shooting his hands and steering opponents. He will have some trouble with elite speed rushers, but I believe he'll benefit from a move to the right side. I love what he brings in the run game. He consistently generates movement on down blocks and he's a nasty finisher. He also takes good angles when working up to the second level before latching and controlling linebackers. I wish he were a little more athletic, but he has all of the skills to be a solid starting right tackle. @Vondia I believe you are on the clock.
  12. With the 43rd pick of the 2018 NFL DRAFT the New England Patriots select Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State People already been talking about Gronk being traded but if that doesn't happen, then Gronk will eventually retire in the next 2-3 years I reckon. Let's replace a mismatch as a TE with another. Gesicki is an elite talent physically and can be a nightmare with Brady and this TE friendly Patriots offense. Gesicki is a phenomenal athlete at the tight end position, and colleges saw that aspect of his makeup while inspecting his high school career: All-American, top-15 prospect at tight end (33 receptions, 530 yards, four touchdowns receiving); New Jersey Player of the Year, school's all-time leading scorer in basketball (1,867 points) and state slam dunk contest winner; four-time letter-winner in volleyball. Penn State reeled him in for the 2014 season, playing in all 13 games (one start) in his first season (11 catches for 114 yards). He started eight of 12 games in 2015, compiling 13 throws for 125 yards and his first touchdown. Gesicki used his size, athleticism, and soft hands to benefit from the team's improvement on offense in 2016, earning honorable mention All-Big Ten notice from league coaches by starting all 14 games and finishing among the top tight ends in the country in receiving (48 receptions, 679 yard, five scores). @Triangle King Washington is up
  13. With the 23rd pick of the draft the New England Patriots select Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado Loads of directions to go with here but I'll try and replace Malcolm Butler and also go with who I believe is the best player available at the moment. Long rangy corner who has excellent foot work and hands. Oliver shows good overall athleticism including strong recovery speed. Colorado uses Oliver in both man and zone coverage. However, he is at his best when asked to turn and run with his target. This allows him to use his length and ability to track the football. His awareness and ability to get to turn his head around helps him keep the ball out of the receiver’s hands. However, this is a part of his game that has some inconsistency. There are times where Oliver fails to turn his head and will make too much contact with the receiver. This results in pass interference calls as well has he tends to get sloppy with his footwork.
  14. Some interesting prospects still on the board for the Pats hmm
  15. Didnt he get benched during the season??