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  1. WElcome to the site mate, good to have another Colt around here
  2. @JA15 Legend mate, looking forward to this year, LETSGO!
  3. Good to have you on board mate!
  4. Would be interesting to get to know how the site functions and all that, as of now, I do not have the appropriate amount of information on this as I have never been a VIP member nor been involved in the chat about these things. One thing is for sure that I couldn't think of anyone else but @TopLoader to take on the leadership and carry out all these changes in the future. Seems like a good bloke who is very interested in the website/madden and our community and would do whatever is the best for us. Will be looking forward to more news on this.
  5. It's american football guys. look at a game, every other play someone leaves limping off the field with sprains and whatnot. thats the game. If you dont want injuries, H2H is what you are after. Building a team requires more than your star players, depth is what football is about. (look at falcons or patriots) Still we only played one week fully
  6. There are about 200 players on IR alone (extra injured missing weeks) in the NFL after Week 3. I think we need to at least try tonpkay half a season but it's all down to how sim we want our league to be imo.
  7. I think Marlon Mack can have a huge impact for us. Rebound year? Will see. sooner or later we gonna have to spend picks on front seven for that.
  8. Yes, contracts need talking about. same with FA.
  9. With the madden app you can see what percentage coaches call certain play etc. Fair enough. Turning it off makes more sense than resetting it every other week or whenever. I actually do agree that it levels the chances but I think it's sim and it does what it supposed to.(with a reset the end of the year) Give advantage to teams who win and vice versa.
  10. Oh mate, really?? Of course you play different, you think the Browns are supposed to be as psyched up for a game as the Pats. Probably you have no idea how a locker room works either then. You lose and you dont change you'll lose more, you win, you win more. Thats why its sim mate. Maybe if you lost 10 in a row try and call something else than Cover 3, I can assure you other cover plays work just as well Losing supposed to make you play and focus better, not whine more.
  11. This is looking interesting. I think we will have more than 32 coaches interested in a league so finding or losing a spot for key members of the site could be an issue. I, for one, think changing the confidence is irrelevant. Confidence is sim imo. Coaches who struggle will find something else to blame their s**t on anyway. I think the main problem of the site is that there is a big gap between the very good players and the decent players, so most coaches are stuck without any improvement for seasons, thats why we have the same names coming back to the playoffs each season. Coaches needs to start seeing that they can improve if they want and there is no better way to do so then with the new game. Madden is getting more and more sim in its gameplay and in order to be successful you need to understand the game of actual football better. LET IT BURN!
  12. One of the best and most frustrating player to play against here. You will be missed. Use your free time well bro. See you on the field soon @RamsDan
  13. never bought fifa 17 haha, will check if my flatmates got it
  14. Niiice, welcome back mate!!!
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