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  1. @tripperman28 must be on a commision at this rate Welcome to the league
  2. Hello and Welcome PaulG
  3. Reckon i'll be struggling to get in on the basis of ability and activity, i'm s**t so hence the lack of match reports, plus iv'e also been struggling to play in season 4 this year, summer months are my busiest time at work and took on more football stuff, but i'll be back for 18 if selected.
  4. I put in match reports when i can, i enjoy writing them up, as for twitch i would love to stream games but as @Scottyob said, the internet in countryside ireland is pretty crap and we're actually probably lucky to have it as good as it is
  5. Pro 10 for me, even though i made a good few mistakes with the Bills in this game, i really enjoy the team building side to it and have learned quite a few lessons for madden 17.
  6. Ive no idea why im at 54, i cut to 53 since we re-started, will check now
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