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  1. Sorry to hear that man. All the best to you and your family and hopefully all goes well.
  2. Donated as well. And no it isn't an April's fools gag
  3. I have a VIP at FLM as well - will continue it here
  4. I can understand why you are looking at this approach so no issues there - In future hopefully we can keep some sort of affiliation even if there is no integration between the two sites.
  5. I'd think you'd do a great job top loader, you'll have my support as much as I can give at the moment. Shame Davo is severing ties - quite like the community we had going on but think interest is dying for some reason so may be the kick that was needed
  6. @King Tourettes @Sleepyzoid76 @WoodyMcWoodz Chaps - invites have been sent to all of you. Please ensure that you create a coach from scratch rather than using an existing coach. Let me or @tripperman28 know if you have any issues
  7. Cancer really is a bitch - hope your old man pulls through mate. Don't worry about any issues of game play or feel like you're talking too much on the mic. Most of us put it down to old age on your part anyway.
  8. Need to get the coach who is babysitting the Jets to resign. Will try to get this done before we advance
  9. Hi mate. Welcome back to the site. We have two teams free at the moment and are in week 3 of our first season. The teams are the Jets and the Colts. Post up your Xbox GT and read the rules in the link below
  10. That's pretty rotten luck. Think most people have gotten away with serious injuries to multiple player. EA must just not like the cowboys
  11. Hi mate. Glad to have you on board. @Beyond The Game is running the ps4 league. He should be in touch soon to give you the details.
  12. Yeah - you will be picking a team. Everyone is ranked and will be picking in order as placed in the list. You will be picking one of the 32 teams that are in the nfl and playing with them for the entire season.
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