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  1. Sorry to hear that man. All the best to you and your family and hopefully all goes well.
  2. Donated as well. And no it isn't an April's fools gag
  3. I have a VIP at FLM as well - will continue it here
  4. I can understand why you are looking at this approach so no issues there - In future hopefully we can keep some sort of affiliation even if there is no integration between the two sites.
  5. I'd think you'd do a great job top loader, you'll have my support as much as I can give at the moment. Shame Davo is severing ties - quite like the community we had going on but think interest is dying for some reason so may be the kick that was needed
  6. Cancer really is a bitch - hope your old man pulls through mate. Don't worry about any issues of game play or feel like you're talking too much on the mic. Most of us put it down to old age on your part anyway.
  7. That's pretty rotten luck. Think most people have gotten away with serious injuries to multiple player. EA must just not like the cowboys
  8. Rather than a highlight of the month, we should do a highlight of the season. Submissions lasting for the entire season and then voting during the off season. Will round the highlight package up timeline wise and then we can do a franchise highlight package at the end of the year for the overall best highlight.
  9. Think we should have two league's. One main one and a secondary one more relaxed where new players can join. Think it would be sad if we have a limit on the site for only 32 coaches and anyone else or new joiners have to wait potentially months for a space to open up. Fair enough the pro 8 has a lot of simmed games but surely people would prefer some simmed games rather than no league. I am volunteering to commissioning, have some spare time now so can put in the effort needed.
  10. I'm sorry but you're not leaving
  11. It's actually the other way around snapdan - players with the worse record get the first pick and so on. I'm only talking about a few spots jump - in this draft it would be the difference between picking the falcons and the chiefs. Like last year I don't think there are any horrendous teams anymore. Even the 49ers will be better.
  12. Can see the argument but we haven't really relied on league placings when ranking coaches. This would be a factor amongst a number of others, weighted accordingly so we are only talking a few spots. It will be rewarding people's contribution to the site, be it by match reports, conversations, new topics or whatever other criteria you deem necessary. We did it before where coaches who had been here for years given priority to coaches who had just joined. This would be similar. We all enjoyed quick hits or Mock drafts etc and I think people should be rewarded if they step up and contribute to the site. Especially as things have dried up for the past year or so. That sort of activity is needed if we wish to attract new players. Plus you already have legend status Joe - don't be getting greedy now.
  13. I could do with a cuddle tbh. Only things we can reward people with is to give them a bump when selecting teams. Other thing is for then to get a bump on FA after the draft. Everything else has the chance of impacting the integrity of the franchise
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