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  1. Oh were they? I didn't know that. It's Kellen Moore time then
  2. So, week 4 and the injury list is joined by a couple of new faces... Dak Prescott (5 weeks) Dez Bryant (7 weeks) Ezekial Elliot (5 weeks) Zack Martin (6 weeks) Anthony Hitchenns (4 weeks) Randy Gregory (5 weeks)
  3. My money is on Dak Prescott, Sean Lee and Tyron Smith this week. Minimum of 4 weeks each
  4. So, after week 2, apparently. Dez Bryant 7 weeks Ezekiel Elliot 5 weeks Zack Martin 6 weeks Anthony Hitchens 4 weeks roll on next week!
  5. There were about half a dozen injuries during my week 1 game, they all seemed to happen in the first 2 quarters. Whilst most of them are ok to play next week, Dez Bryant out for 7 weeks and the other teams starting Right Tackle out for a significant period of time aswell. Seemed to be a lot compared to previous versions but I guess we'll have to wait and see
  6. Cheerio Ramadan. One of my standout memories on here was beating you in an NFC Championship game. Possibly the only time I ever beat you Having said that, We'll both still be here to troll each other.
  7. I was hoping to be back for Madden 18, doesn't seem likely now if there's only going to be one league as I guess I'd be right down the pecking order
  8. How very perceptive. It doesn't sound like a dig at anyone at all
  9. I'll hopefully be coming back onboard, but won't be able to commit to more than 1 game per week so the Pro-8 again looks ideal should it continue and have space. If it doesn't go ahead I'll have to remain a casual observer
  10. I was just gonna bring that up! How do I actually delete PMs on this version? I can't find how to do it...
  11. Read but not fully understood yet!
  12. Jesus christ man... what a cluster-f**k this is turning out to be
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