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  1. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Stu can you add me to the whatsapp group should have my name from the other league
  2. Divisional Weekend

    Coming home from work to this is qualityquality Genuinely couldn't be happier f**k off Seattle
  3. Divisional Weekend

    Chiefs Steelers Seahawks Cardinals Hoping for some good games
  4. Black Monday

    Yeah I'm not too sure it's a great fit for Hyde's running style but then Ohio State run a zone run offense which is not too dissimilar to what Kelly uses Excited to see what happens
  5. Which games to get

    Got EA Access currently going through my Battlefront trial decent game but bit disappointed as it's just Battlefield with fancier guns and vehicles (think this opinion has been mentioned on the site already) so probably won't buy the full version After that will get the two Battlefields from there Thanks for your help everybody
  6. Black Monday

    My thoughts are that Chip won't get anywhere near as much personnel control as in PHI with Baalke as GM so we should be safe on that front Also a good move for Kap I don't think he is the guy but it if he can't succeed in chip's system he can't succeed anywhere Not thrilled by the hire as I don't like his system but at least '49ers football should be fun to watch next year whereas it hasn't been the last two years
  7. Think I am thw only other one with Phil wjo supports a city (area) ratjer than just one team, I'm more or less as much of a Warriors fan as 49ers now, and also love the SF Giants and would really support the Sharks if I could watch them on TV If 49ers left the bay I could live with it, but wouldnt likelike it That being said if London gets a team I have made a decision to support them and the 49ers as a second team because I'm from the UK and would love us tp beat the US at their own game but don't wamt a franchise over here fpr the difficulty in not supporting the 49ers
  8. Is the NFL rigged?

    They don't want you to work this out
  9. Is the NFL rigged?

    Best post of all time
  10. Black Monday

    Looking like its going to be Hue in Santa Clara. Will be happy with that, should have a coach that can sort the offense out and Baalke can hit a few more home runs on defense in the draft and the young D players can develop. Hopeful
  11. Wildcard weekend

    Well at least my pre playoff pick of Steelers - Seahawks for the SB is alive #consolation Redskins in this one for a 4-0 weekend #winning #ifonlyIcouldgamble
  12. Wildcard weekend

    yeah you make your own luck I can live with Wilson's plays cause he is generally a brilliant player or Lynch breaking a few tackles. But a kicker missing a 19 yard FG and that onside kick last year just isn't fair
  13. Wildcard weekend

    Stuff like that really makes my p**s boil what a joke. Seattle in the superbowl now just book it cause every year there'll be some flukey bulls**t play to bail them out... for f**ks sake
  14. Wildcard weekend

    Get the f**k in