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  1. NFL Pick'ems Week 1

    who cares. It's a good point to stop this pickems game Excatly I was lucky enough this Sunday, there is just no way I can top this or even match it:-)
  2. NFL Pick'ems Week 1

    Can we stop this right now, please
  3. College Football on UK TV WEEK1

    I don't watch too many college football games, but Bama vs FSU is a must watch game.
  4. Longshot

    There is a 3rd ending? I knew from 2 endings all depening from one siuation.
  5. Pre Season Week 3

    I only saw the Highlights of the Game. But what I read is that the Defence looked very good. That makes 2 games in a row where the Defence outplayed our offence. Drew didn't played very much so I have no worrys about the offence, they will find thier way when Drew plays the whole game.
  6. Longshot

    Not that the draft grades matter anyway
  7. Mut Transfer Discussion Thread

    With the new upgradeable cards and the Team tokens unused gold and silver players can still be used to upgrade players you want to use. So it might be good to have a thread, where we can ask and offer players we don't use. I'm want to upgrade my Michael Thomas and Cameron Jordan, so I'm looking for any Saints gold or silver players, I have a lot of silver and a few gold players who I could offer in exchange.
  8. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    My interest in the NFL started with the Madden 10 Demo (yeah that was a time where the big game studios still released demo versions). My Brother and I played a lot of this demo and decided to watch the Superbowl which was soon after we discovered the Demo. The only teams I knew where the Cowboys and Giants(who were the only playable teams in the Demo). If I remember right in the German pregame show they only talked about Peyton and how great he is and that the Saints are the outsider in this game. So I choose to support the Saints in this game and never changed since. After this super bowl I started to inform myself more about the NFL and with Madden 11 and the announced Connected Franchise (or whatever the name was back then) I joined this Site.
  9. Longshot

    The game mode is fun, maybe a bit to easy but the main thing is the Story anyway. I liked the story in generall but was a bit frustrated with the end.
  10. PFL Coaches

    Name: Marcel NFL Team: New Orleans Saints Other sports teams:EHC Winterthur(local hockey club),Florida Panthers, HC Lugano and Vancouver Canucks First Madden: Madden 11 Other favourite games: Football Manager and NHL(not as much anymore since there is no online Franchise)
  11. Madden 18 First footages

    fyi it show as aviable soon if you go over the ea access but if you go over the game site of the xbox store you can download the trial version
  12. Madden 18 Information and Discussion

    John Ross the only Reason I even think about taking the Bengals
  13. NHL 18 Beta

    Yeah that would be so nice
  14. NHL 18 Beta

    I know we don't have a big group of NHL gamers here, but if anybody has interest I have 3 Beta codes remaining. So if you have interest just say it and I will send you the code
  15. Madden 18 - Teams

    The best team to use in Madden I hurts to say this as a Saints fan but the Falclowns win this one for me. A QB for all 4 years of a franchise and core players on both side of the field. Worst team to use in Madden This is for me between the Jets and Bears I don't know both Teams very well but I would go with the Jets just cause Trubisky may have some potential and could be the QB of the future Team who will get drafted too high Seahawks O line is so important in Madden and there Oline is everything else then great. The team who will be great but will get overlooked. I go with the Vikes. I really liked Murray a couple of years ago in Madden 16(??) and with Cook they have a Rookie who probably will start at HB. Teddy is solid at QB and with Diggs Treadwell, thielen and Rudoplh you have weapons to pass the ball to. On D they have Griffen, Floyd ,Kendricks and Star Saftey Smith