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  1. trooper uk

    Week 2 NFL Chat

    Ye I noticed a lot of empty seats... Nowt change though .. Money talks and he got plenty
  2. trooper uk

    Week 2 NFL Chat

    Lol ye
  3. trooper uk

    Week 2 NFL Chat

    Can't believe the Davis decision
  4. trooper uk

    Week 2 NFL Chat

    How about those redskins What a shower of s**t today Trooper
  5. trooper uk

    NFL Week 1 Chat

    AP Hail
  6. trooper uk

    New game New playbook

    Ye I tried a few now settled on falcon on d and offence
  7. trooper uk

    Defense 101 Video

    I want my dt to get pressure or stop the run What they are there for.. Trooper
  8. trooper uk

    Defense 101 Video

    Don't really agree with putting a dt in spy all game seems a bit cheesy and glitchy... What are other coaches forts Trooper
  9. trooper uk

    First ever 1 on 1 PPV Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson

    Think I would sign for what sort money they talking about .. All these hype over woods he had his day long while back .. Time to move on...
  10. trooper uk

    New game New playbook

    What is everyones fav playbook this season ... I trying multi d and Steelers book Trooper
  11. trooper uk


    Had a go with them nothing changed bortles passing is still awful As expected game looks amazing now looking for a decent playbook.. Trooper
  12. trooper uk

    Logo Voting

    something with the union jack in it brexit all the way all that is true is the red white and blue logo 9 trooper.
  13. trooper uk

    US Masters

    just hope warner and Smith not his caddie trooper
  14. trooper uk

    New website design?

    good stuff m8 trooper
  15. trooper uk

    Steve smith

    And the Aussie cricket team allways knew he was dodgy Gotcha cheating fookas