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  1. Hey mate been trying to arrange my arena match this  week with troopers Falcons but can’t seem to get hold of him,he hasn’t been active on Xbox either,don’t mind if we sim it but would prefer to play it as on bye week next week any chance of him going on AP so I can play tonight?

  2. Good to go at 1pm 👍

  3. Hey mate just played week 8 game against Da Burgs Panthers who are on AP,had an issue with the ea servers have took a screen shot as was up by 2 scores..and critical game in the division...after a re start from 3rd Quarter and a fight back in the 4th I managed to hold on for a W👍


  4. Hey mate when’s cool to play arena game next week I’m good either Tuesday or weds afternoon from 1-4pm or on again on weds evening maybe about 9.30 ish👍

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    2. wij07


      Good stuff 👍

    3. wij07


      If by any chance you could get on at 3pm before my missus gets home from work...saves me the ear ache you see👍

      No worrys if not!

    4. DaBurg864


      I’m on AP for you @wij07

  5. wij07

    You fussed about playing wk 4 pre season game,could really do with some practice before season opener am about from 9pm on Friday if that’s ok?

  6. Cheers Ken,Troops, and Stu still getting to grips with the game once more....be away far to long!
  7. Thanks guys taken over My Green Bay Packers in Arena league for last couple of games of regular season,getting a feel for it still but hope to compete in the new season.. Need a bit more practice I think but just being involved once again and getting a bit of Madden Rage once more .
  8. Ok I've had to familiarise myself with the current Madden and may be ready to step up to one of the leagues,is there still space in Arena league?
  9. Hey just got back into Madden once more after a long lay off was a member of the original leagues back on the old 360 days,think I was the only one left along with Ken playing out the old league when everyone moved on to the Xbox one,still played it a little but now have inherited Xbox one and have 18 free on ea access,am planning on getting a copy of 19 in the next week and was hoping to maybe head up some friendly games to get me up to speed with how the latest versions have moved on with a look at re joining a league if there is space available and I can set out enough time to commit. Have struggled a little with Madden 18 to be honest,just getting used to the different feel and controls seems alien after such a long break from current games but hope to be able to compete after a few games and familiarise myself in the leagues and site once more. cheers Andy
  10. Yeah..think maybe return to playstation if that is confirmed..really liked that option to import from NCAA..never had a go at it but looks cool.
  11. Have been playing madden for a few years and even made the play offs last time round..but playing like an absolute beginner at the mo...but dunno if i would be up for this as wud probably get smashed here to so will just take a beating in PFL and UKLM for the time being!
  12. Cannot acess site from pc running windows7 getting same message as at beginning of post. No probs from mobile though....
  13. will be mic'd up then next game and be ridiculed by wife and kids!
  14. stu has done a great job this far,and if the core of the main guys stay with him should be a sucess,it cant be easy running a franchise and updating everything ect All the best with this move mate.
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