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  1. What's the per month cost for everything?
  2. Me kind to me when Nick Foles lights up the Patriots defence and they win.
  3. Do we allow any Tom, duck and Harry to join from FLM these days?
  4. Hi mate, this is a great idea. Back only a few years ago we had 4 full and active franchises and the PFL as well! I think I'd qualify to get in (I hope!). I have a lot of spare time at work now and could defiantly take more responsibility in the league this coming season. Thoughts on a feeder league so if someone drops out we have an instant replacement?
  5. The name is familiar, were you on here a few years ago?
  6. Where are you lads, just woke up from a nap. You in the WhatsApp group?
  7. Finally got confirmation that I have annual leave on Monday! Should be a great weekend!
  8. Need another Patriots fan to celebrate with after the game
  9. @StueyH111 whats the point if you can't touch
  10. Check in is at 2pm and check out is at 12pm in the Premier Inn @Carlos2478
  11. @RainbowDoc whats the plan for Saturday? I'll get to the Premier Inn about 16:00
  12. Where were you flying to and what day? I could have picked you up from any of the London area airports on the Saturday on my way to Manchester.
  13. All goes to pot without me But I'll be back soon when I'm on my regular shift pattern.
  14. Same here mate, booked in for 2 nights at premier Inn Manchester
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