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  1. Wow both features look very nice I love them
  2. Hey mate been trying to arrange my arena match this  week with troopers Falcons but can’t seem to get hold of him,he hasn’t been active on Xbox either,don’t mind if we sim it but would prefer to play it as on bye week next week any chance of him going on AP so I can play tonight?

  3. Hey mate just played week 8 game against Da Burgs Panthers who are on AP,had an issue with the ea servers have took a screen shot as was up by 2 scores..and critical game in the division...after a re start from 3rd Quarter and a fight back in the 4th I managed to hold on for a W👍


  4. All the best to you and your familly.
  5. @TopLoader as you may know one of recapwizzards new feature is creating a gamepreview. One option there is to enter a link to the league logo. I found maddenpfl.com/logo but this redirects to the old logo. My question is there a link to the new logo?
  6. Happy to contribute to become vip
  7. I can only agree with everyone I think you will do a great job.
  8. I have the same problem now, but I have neither permision to see some of my post nor to delete the ones I can see
  9. I mean I don't like to get 2 injured QB's and I was for sure frustrated with it, but it's the only injured QBs in the League so I guess it's really bad luck. I like the injuries like they are now, for once injuries are a factor in madden.
  10. I have so much work left until next Sunday and then 3 days of School Ending Party. But I should have time for this after next wednesday. So long story short I'm in. Last time I didn't had much success with going french so this time I go swiss. I take Basel(They should be a 4 star team).
  11. I would prefer the old pro 8 format with 5 or 4 days weeks. If we do the same week length as in the pro 10 I would have to chose between one and I don't want to chose between one or the other. H2H and Fantasy is not really my thing. I want to develope a real team.
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