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  1. All the best to you and your familly.
  2. @BodsRFC you still didn't sign the rules but I sent you an invite now. Just read and sign them before you join you should now have the rights to read them.
  3. No it should be all fine he didn't have coach permissions when he couldn't read the post. Now he has and should be able to read it
  4. hmm okay I will send you an invite at somepoint this afternoon. @TopLoader do you have to be a coach to read in the franchise forums?
  5. All the things the other commisioners said plus I can send you an ininvite as soon as you read and signed the rules
  6. @TopLoader as you may know one of recapwizzards new feature is creating a gamepreview. One option there is to enter a link to the league logo. I found maddenpfl.com/logo but this redirects to the old logo. My question is there a link to the new logo?
  7. Happy to contribute to become vip
  8. I can only agree with everyone I think you will do a great job.
  9. I have the same problem now, but I have neither permision to see some of my post nor to delete the ones I can see
  10. I mean I don't like to get 2 injured QB's and I was for sure frustrated with it, but it's the only injured QBs in the League so I guess it's really bad luck. I like the injuries like they are now, for once injuries are a factor in madden.
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