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  1. Well other than the jets are blowing it
  2. Echo that Come join flm and cheers for the work you've put in
  3. At least? Cool so maybe 4..... What about you and vondia if he plays? Vondia battered me
  4. One more would be 4 groups of 4 What's the consensus on how many stars I'm allowed?
  5. Fifa league manager Sister site of madden pfl
  6. I've just been battered by trooper ffs! But if there's too much hostility I won't play I remember when Danny wa's a noob on flm and destroyed everyone in sight
  7. I'll happily take a 3 star team if you lot have 4 but @DiodeX will tell you I'm OK but no better than that, I'd even do 2 or 2.5 stars if it's deemed the way to go, it's just a bit of a fun tournament is it not? Some of you guys may play it and be better just not in the leagues Joe would destroy people I wouldn't, I'm better than diodeX tho!! Just no f**king Korean teams!!
  8. I'm not exactly good at fifa. I'm mid table in the middle division on flm Someone like Joe would kill everyone as he is near the top of the prem. Some of you guys may be better than me anyway!!! I'm happy to have a lesser team though, just thought it'd be a laugh to play but if it skews the numbers or whatever then no worries.
  9. You said before I could play but with a 2-3 star team Nice editing again btw
  10. In Cos it makes me feel like a proper man to beat people who never play FIFA.
  11. Also the business re ability not nattering on different games Of course it does hence the same people are generally good and the same people generally aren't Ability ino should play a part in draft order but that's not this topic As I say opto on 2 is utterly pointless as with no punishment for breaking the rule it's not a rule I don't win much, don't write big match reports when I do but do always put the score and a brief report
  12. Option 2 is pointless Rule but with no punishment. Umm it's not a rule then. That's the same as scrapping it
  13. Or getting beat by me and never been seen again
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