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  1. Riverman

    MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    I don't feel that sorry for him to reverse it!
  2. Riverman

    MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    It's rare but I feel sorry for @Beyond The Game after our trade with Henry getting injured as was a good deal for us both but he loses a player for the season Getting to 2nd as you say means I get my pick of the running backs after barkley whereas when I was sat at 5 it was possible all the ones I wanted went top 4 and I would have been left scratching about
  3. Riverman

    MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Excited for the draft now Pretty set on what I'm doing at 2 and will have to see where the land lies at 17
  4. Riverman

    MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Flip side of it trying to get people to respond to stuff who may not be capable of doing so who will then have all their records deleted if they don't respond
  5. Riverman

    MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Echo that sentiment! Another one size fits all EU rule that we have to obey that' causing just as much havoc as benefit, considering we already have data protection act Where's the referendum thread........
  6. Riverman

    MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    And saying that it's all gone very quiet again Are we all set to go next weekend? Any news?
  7. Riverman

    MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Few trades going down now Think zoso has done a fantastic job
  8. Riverman

    MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Done Payment sent
  9. Riverman

    MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    @StueyH111 do we have to be at 22 as aren't we allowed 25 players up til the final pre season cuts I have 23 but only 2 draft picks so is that allowable?
  10. Riverman

    Predict The Pick

    Done this but paid nowhere near as much attention as usual I also have cleveland picking 2 qbs as think someone will trade up to 4
  11. Riverman

    Eagles Documentary 2017 NFL Sesson

    That was awesome I may be biased....
  12. Riverman

    MLB 2018 Season

    Well not that play! Hoskins looking the real deal
  13. Riverman

    MLB 2018 Season

    Wow Phillies on a roll Couldn't have predicted this good a start to the season
  14. Riverman

    Your American Sports/Teams

    Started following the Philadelphia Eagles in the late 80s due to the genius that is Randall Cunningham As a result I follow the Phillies, Flyers and 76ers Nfl and baseball are my 2 favourites though, I watch nhl and basketball but am not as knowledgeable about those as I am the other 2
  15. Riverman

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Yep I've given up Only the 1st game....