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  1. dwevans' Trade Calculator

  2. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    @Burnzee Boyee Sad to see u leave m8 was nice to meet u few years back at madden meet up top bloke best luck in whatever u do m8 .. ye very true it is only game trooper
  3. Peer disconnection in Madden 18

    Had 2 in my game v sleepy zoid dont get any this crap with other games starting to do my head in losing my love for madden with this s**t was leading in both games then of course lose the 3rd game . trooper
  4. Nfl Week 10

    Ye lucky jags in the end
  5. Nfl Week 10

    As in madden and real life hat flipping Bortles is garbage jezzzzzz what is he doing
  6. madden inj

    agghhhhhhhh my bes rb n wr out for season now too flipping unreal
  7. fao admins

    @ZoSo u ain't kidding m8 can't use old gt either had to take new gold out on phone for few hrs flipping mare mayhem
  8. fao admins

  9. fao admins

    ye right miffed off Microsoft are a flipping ball ache any new invites sent as my old gt needs to be booted from franchise lads @ZoSo @SnapDan mayhem
  10. fao admins

  11. fao admins

    @ZoSo can you send me a invite for franchise you will have to boot my previous gt trooper uk as i cant use that gt any more
  12. fao admins

    as some might know i had issues with x box and live / multiplayernot been on for week or sowould not let me online for multiplayer and franchise in madden had numerous suggestion from x box help line nowt them worked ? in end i was flipping raging with them TROOPERs in the end i have had to re set x box to factory settings and loose all my saved stuff and my gt has had to be changed too as i had to do that to take out another gold membership to see if that would work ffs u TROOPERs all seems to b ok at the moment my new gamer tag is mayhem1919lufcalas trooper is no more
  13. NFL Week 3

    go skins all the hype on this raiders teammore like raiders of the lost ark hail to the skins trooper
  14. NFL Week 2

    Rams fans quite this week trooper
  15. NFL Week 2

    Wtf was that fake punt all about