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  1. wij07

    You fussed about playing wk 4 pre season game,could really do with some practice before season opener am about from 9pm on Friday if that’s ok?

  2. @SnapDan , downloading the Wildcard game at the moment. How would you upload it directly to the channel? @SnapDan
  3. I'll be perfectly honest, the nudge worked for me. For the good close games, I'd usually write something unsubstantial for it but writing them for the games I win now, I tend to go a lot more in-depth now (almost too much). I've never streamed my game before to avoid any chance of lag, I'll be much more likely to do so in the future now though I've given it a go without many issues. If Beam is as good as stated, it might make it a lot simpler to stream games as well in the future.
  4. As someone who hasn't really put much effort on the site before the last couple of seasons, I do feel it does make the games a lot more enjoyable when you do so. I think there is a lot of inconsistency with regards to rules, especially those involving a mic and posting a report at the end of the game. I wasn't really a fan of it initially but since it became "compulsory" I've found myself wanting to write them more. I haven't noticed anything being done when they aren't being posted though so people will continue not to do so. It's helped this year that I'm in a great division in the Pro 10 and have had good close games with Riverman, PatsUK and p4ddy. Getting on with them and having enjoyable games makes me want to play much more. Any time there's a lot of cheese that comes into it with running the same play over and over again (on offence or defence that is), it's easy to get frustrated and want to give it up but at least I know that I'm not getting that in the majority of my games. I don't post much here on anything not Madden related as I'm more often than not on a different forum if I'm honest, but it seems like the rest of the forums isn't used too much other than big announcements or NFL related things. The issues with that is that people do not know where to draw the line. You'll get people, especially the players who are good already, running hurry up more and knackering out defences and making it even easier to score. 4th down fakes could be interesting but only on the basis of it being limited over an entire season, the worry is of them getting used too much again. FA has to be how it is otherwise it just becomes a free for all where the quickest player gets all the best players, it's the fairest way to keep players spread out. If you're not one of the first 10 players on there would be f**k all left. Pre-season I enjoy personally but I can see why it was moved forward in the Pro10 with the big break between the end of the regular season and the start of the new season. I think everyone just wanted to get back to playing proper games.
  5. Yup. Was on my friends list but didn't recognise the name for a while.
  6. Welcome, pretty sure we used to play F1 against each other if you are who I think you are
  7. Bos

    Just to let you know you're up in the draft again mate :up:

  8. For anyone without a One, there's a great deal on Amazon right now. £361 for an Xbox One with Kinect, Titanfall and 12 months of Xbox Live as well. Haven't seen a deal as good as that in a few months.
  9. Bos

    Hi There

    Was my fellow Jets fan Joe so I agree that he's definitely wise indeed
  10. Bos

    Hi There

    Have the Vikings in another franchise and love them. May take a look at that
  11. Bos

    Hi There

    Not at all From England myself. I would have thought all Steelers fans would be Irish. Sent a message in the Xpress league. May look at another one if I think I can handle it.
  12. New to these forums, and I was recommended here by someone else that plays in these leagues. Been watching the NFL and playing Madden for about 4 years now. Big New York Jets fan and pretty handy at Madden now (on offense at least). Looking to join a league if possible, kind of tired of playing against the same idiots that populate this online with no huddle and 4th downs all the time, and just prefer playing a more proper game if possible and this seems like a good place for this
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