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  1. Bos

    College Football - Week 3

    There's another awful decision by Rosen. Great penalty to give away.
  2. Bos

    College Football - Week 3

    Don't usually watch College Football that often. Really enjoyed this though. Rosen's been pretty good with some absolutely awful thrown in. Going for that fake field goal was an awful decision.
  3. Bos

    PFL Coaches

    Name: Jas NFL Team: New York Jets Other sports team/s: Manchester United, Mercedes F1, India Cricket. Watch all the other big sports: Tennis, Golf, Boxing, UFC, getting into NBA too now. First Madden game: 2009 playing with @ZoSo and @Joe Other favourite games: Fifa/Rocket League/Titanfall/Assassin's Creed
  4. I've definitely noticed the latest update has made things a lot harder on the O-line as well. I had the misfortune of facing Watt, Atkins, Mack and Aaron Donald in consecutive weeks and they all gave me fits. I guess it's pretty realistic if they are that dominant, but f**k me it's infuriating when they singlehandedly destroy your run game and give you no chance unless you get the ball out quickly. The thing with @PatsUK last night was ridiculous, the game was on a real knife edge and then the fumble comes out of nowhere to put it to bed really a couple of plays after he mentioned such stuff was happening to him all season long.
  5. I don't really get the logic in the Jets getting another QB who would just have to sit again, the only one I'd be happy with is Watson on that basis.
  6. Bos

    fao joe

    Next year's class is always better, people were saying the same about Watson this time last year. Tank to get him at #1. It's already happened tbf, Hackenberg is such a derided pick that it can't get much worse than sitting him for year considering the horror show we put out last season at QB. If they do take QB at 6, and McCown starts, it's already bad from the get go that they're not starting ahead of him. It's not like McCown has some stellar reputation for taking QBs under his wing and he's a pretty awful QB in his own right.
  7. Bos

    fao joe

    As much as it's hated, McCown's been taken at the very least to give Hackenberg a chance to start, there's every opportunity that we don't take a QB at 6 and none of the big 4 will be left at 39. People are saying that all these 4 QBs have their own flaws with Watson probably being the most ready to start. Trubisky has his lack of experience, Kizer had his own ups and downs last year and Mahomes isn't even close to starting and comes from Air Raid like Goff and Geno both did. There's a high chance all of them bar perhaps Watson, will need to sit for the first season but the Jets have already done that with Hackenberg. It remains to be seen what good that has done as it's his mechanics and accuracy rather than the intangibles that he needs to work on, which is easier said than done. If McCown starts this season, it's a damning indictment on Maccagnan's QB evaluation having traded up for Petty in the 4th, taking Hackenberg in the 2nd and then not taking a viable starting QB at 6 and that's without even getting into the Fitzpatrick/Geno debacle from last year.
  8. Bos

    EA Access

    I was playing ME3 Multiplayer earlier just fine so not sure why you were getting that issue.
  9. Bos


    Just had it against Ramsdan. Absolute nightmare and no way to change it back Completely destroyed any hope I had in that game and made it a bit of waste of time from my side. Nothing to do with Ramsdan who offered to quit to change it but there's no guarantee it wouldn't happen again. Hope it doesn't affect me in franchise games.
  10. Bos

    Backward compatibility error?

    Have you got 2 step verification on by any chance? I had a similar issue to that before and had to set up an app password to sign in on the 360 dashboard.
  11. Bos

    Just to let you know you're up in the draft again mate :up:

  12. Bos


    Meant the Dolphins, not the Bills
  13. Bos


    I'm like that with Kerley who just got cut. Looked like he was the only Jets offensive player who could do anything with Sanchez and Geno at times Just hope he doesn't go to the Patriots. Really glad I got to watch Ivory beast against the Bills at Wembley this season.
  14. Bos


    He was very good but the Jets have done well at the NT position over the last few years. From Jenkins and Pouha to Harrison, it's a position they've got quality play out but it's still only a 50% snap count player, DeVito even did a job there sometimes too. If anything our replacement starter was Skrine last year who we paid big money for for a 3rd corner. Not sure paying a NT $9 million is a great idea when he's not going to see the field on 3rd down for us anyway.
  15. Bos


    Would be great in Gailey's offence I think. Packers have been linked with him too though.