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  1. House of Cards

    Stop slacking @Winti26 2evenings is more than enough for 1 season (i speak from experience)
  2. XFL is back

    so much backbone from McMahon. no player with a criminal record is allowed, but johnny manziel will be the execption yeah? it's gonna fail
  3. London Games - 2018

    pretty sure that leaked picture was fake. way too many good games
  4. London Games - 2018

    Last year wouldve been ideal jags were hosting the packers
  5. London Games - 2018

    Still waiting for arod to come over before i go
  6. Patriots Power Struggle

    A statement couldnt just be fake? dont really care if its true or not. Wouldnt surprise me if it was.
  7. Black Monday

    34 passing TDs is also the lowest since 2009. so one could argue its been a s**t year for qbs
  8. Over .500

    Congrats much better watch than the cheesehead s**t show
  9. Scotty's Mid season Mock

    I’ve not looked at any draft prospects yet but certainly would aggree with getting a passtusher in. Need a replacement for clay
  10. Buffets

    Quality over quantity so buffets are usually a no go
  11. NFL Week 6

    Who wants my gamepass sub dont need it anymore season over
  12. QB only league - daily advance

    no going for broncos....time for a change
  13. QB only league - daily advance

    Gonna go broncos
  14. Delay/Lag issues playing online

    shouldn't be lag then. however i have had when kicking power over max that you will shank wide. but you'll know when that happens as the line at the bottom will show. kinda tough to explain.
  15. Sky VIP - NFL London Tickets

    didnt know mac and pc are both apple products