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  1. NFL Week 2

    but he has a better name
  2. iPhone X

    damn that sucks. but yeah the whole app thing and s**t has been a gripe of mine for years. i did originally switch from blackberry to iOS but now i'm afraid to switch wish they would open the app market across all operation system, but i know it'll never happen
  3. Running

    used to run a lot when i was younger... have tried it a couple times in recent years but gave up as i just couldn't run at the same speed as i used to have taken up climbing in recently instead to sort out my back and knee issues
  4. iPhone X

    stuck on apple and i won't change as i'd need to re-buy all my apps
  5. NFL on Sky Sports?

    Charging extra for HD. what is this the 1980s ?
  6. Game Pass

    Playoffs werent last year not sure what they are doing this year
  7. ID the Mike

    i think it's mostly for 4,5 man rushes not all out blitzes. also ID mike correctly will blow this play up (where as in the old madden i pretty much could guarantee a sack)
  8. ID the Mike

    I've not played around with it. too scared i get lit up
  9. Heli's Return

    Forgot to add not happy ive been replaced
  10. Heli's Return

    Cobb the new beastmode Also just leave the marker on the ball annoying as f**k moving around good game heli catch you soon
  11. Longshot

    Finished s**t ending though
  12. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    josh freeman, that's a blast from the past
  13. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    Plenty of giants fans here already also @DaBurg864 needs a buddy to talk panthers, so there you go
  14. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    you the guy that changed from panthers to giants?
  15. Glory Hunters Everywhere

    posted it in the group chat. the first madden team is was given were the saints....so watched a bit of those but never really enjoyed it. then next madden i was mocked the packers by @Joe and after reading up on them about the franchise being the smallest market and owned by everyone living in GB. also wisconsin has a high population of germans immigrants final nail in the coffin was watching Rodgers