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  1. Scotty's Mid season Mock

    I’ve not looked at any draft prospects yet but certainly would aggree with getting a passtusher in. Need a replacement for clay
  2. Buffets

    Quality over quantity so buffets are usually a no go
  3. NFL Week 6

    Who wants my gamepass sub dont need it anymore season over
  4. QB only league - daily advance

    no going for broncos....time for a change
  5. QB only league - daily advance

    Gonna go broncos
  6. Delay/Lag issues playing online

    shouldn't be lag then. however i have had when kicking power over max that you will shank wide. but you'll know when that happens as the line at the bottom will show. kinda tough to explain.
  7. Sky VIP - NFL London Tickets

    didnt know mac and pc are both apple products
  8. NFL Week 2

    but he has a better name
  9. iPhone X

    damn that sucks. but yeah the whole app thing and s**t has been a gripe of mine for years. i did originally switch from blackberry to iOS but now i'm afraid to switch wish they would open the app market across all operation system, but i know it'll never happen
  10. Running

    used to run a lot when i was younger... have tried it a couple times in recent years but gave up as i just couldn't run at the same speed as i used to have taken up climbing in recently instead to sort out my back and knee issues
  11. iPhone X

    stuck on apple and i won't change as i'd need to re-buy all my apps
  12. NFL on Sky Sports?

    Charging extra for HD. what is this the 1980s ?
  13. Game Pass

    Playoffs werent last year not sure what they are doing this year
  14. ID the Mike

    i think it's mostly for 4,5 man rushes not all out blitzes. also ID mike correctly will blow this play up (where as in the old madden i pretty much could guarantee a sack)
  15. ID the Mike

    I've not played around with it. too scared i get lit up