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  1. PFL Coaches

    Name : Doc. Has been known to say : ROOAAARRRR !!! Can also now say again : Rainbows Rams Rock ROOAAARRRR.
  2. Big trade for the Rams. They give up E J Gaines CB and a 2nd round to the Bills. Rams get WR Sammy Watkins and a 6th. If he can stay healthy I think its a great pick up in my eyes.
  3. Free Gamepass

    Cheers for info m8
  4. Blitzkrieg back in studio

    Great stuff m8
  5. Farewell for now...

    Sorry to hear this m8 good luck though.
  6. Blitzkrieg News Updates

    Good stuffl Ken hope your winning m8 .
  7. Madden down guys ?

    Anyone else having bother ?
  8. NFL International Series 2017

    Rams Cards superb! I just need to get my tickets the morning of the first sell lol..... ROOAAARRRRR!
  9. Blitzkrieg - 02 Academy Sheffield 2/12/2016

    Great looking stuff ken nice one.
  10. Congratulations BTG

    All the best to yous both.... ROOAAARRRRR
  11. Who's all going to Rams Giants at Twickenham

    Hey guys who's about in the Stadium. Were about for a quick Hi ya.
  12. Who's all going to Rams Giants at Twickenham

    Dominique Earley will step in and do a job in place of Brokers. E J Gaines is going from strength to strength and with Quinn back on the line that beefs up the pass rush. Eli Manning will be dinking and dunking the ball all day with Donald hanging off his grill. Case has another good day passing ' Brit turns up in Britain. And Gurly breaks a big one and has over 100 on the game. Rams win!!!! Keep the faith............ ROOAAARRRRR!
  13. Who's all going to Rams Giants at Twickenham

    All sounds good guys. My and my daughters have not long arrived down are were now heading out to Leicester Square to have a look around. Later we'v booked the Jack the Ripper Ghost walk at White Chapel. (looking forward to it with it nearly being Halloween and all) Tomorrow were probably going to be heading out to Twickenham about 11am after breakfast....... GO RAMS!!! ............. ROOAAARRRRR!
  14. Just wondering who's all going and what folks are up too
  15. Know any good NFL streams?

    Ty m8. I previously got the free 7 days last year so they won't give it again. Ye myp2p is not too bad cheers m8.