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  1. Advice for Cardinals

    Pretty much what rayski said is what I'm doing in pfl. I have the cards on Xbox so feel free to pm me I can tell you what I'm planning to do with them
  2. Running

    Thats good for just starting up mate keep going im sure youll get there and youll be setting a new goal before you know it!
  3. Running

    Fair play to you mate good luck keep smashing it dude Most of my mates all do or have done running including marathons thing i would say is make sure you have a proper pair of running trainers as it can be hard on your feet/legs doing it regular, as for me i could never get into running just bored the hell out of me didnt find it stimulating enough to get past when i got knackered to carry on, whereas weightlifting (even though im weak as lol) and martial arts keeps me in relatively good shape and i want to carry on when im getting tired instead of just giving up.
  4. NFL Week 1

    Shame about the result! but was a good opening game especially for the neutral, chiefs looked great tbf
  5. Help req'd

    Have you checked out Daburgs guides on the site he did some really good videos last year not this years madden but the concepts are still the same, cant remember if he touched on this or not though? If not i will try and knock something up
  6. McGregor Mayweather

    Yeah watched it pretty much what I expected, Mayweather was never to to lose a boxing match to him, mcgregor keeps face by giving a good performance but overall was never more than a glorified exhibition
  7. Madden 18 - Where to Buy

    Nice good hunting @ZoSo looks like I'll stick with shopto again will order it tomorrow
  8. PFL Coaches

    Name : Alex NFL Team : Patriots Other sports team/s : Football Aston Villa, F1 Mclaren & Williams First Madden game : hmm i think Madden 13 was the first i owned but didnt actually play it properly till Madden 25 Other favourite games : Only really play madden now as i dont have as much time for anything else but used to love Pro Evo back in the day i also like my wrestling games wwe2k (still not beating no mercy on n64 though)
  9. Madden 18 First footages

    Not sure bout gameplay yet will need hands on myself but credit to EA on the frostbite enigine game looks absolutely fantastic graphically.
  10. Madden 18 - Teams

    Didn't they say linebackers can't cover as much ground as they did before though so that with the ball hawk toned down might make a difference
  11. Madden 18 - Teams

    I don't start really looking till I see who's left on the board when it's time to pick no heartbreak then when I see all the teams I wanted go
  12. Right might be putting my tin foil hat on here conspiracy moment but i feel from my experiences like something is built into Madden (Same with Fifa another EA game) where certain things are upped or diminished during a game/season. So not necessarily confidence related, my oline with colts is the same personnel as last season so no regressions in fact they are better as my rookies have used xp to upgrade, yet all season at critical times they gone to s**t and dont block efficiently or my recievers will drop a wide open pass on a crucial 3rd down etc (TY Hilton done it numerous times this season with 90 catching across the board). Example even in my last game got myself into postion to win the game with 2mins odd left 3points down so potential game winning drive and I said to Bos my teams been anti-clutch this season so something will happen on this drive, get a first down and rolling then bang fumble game over. Now yes its part of the game however that sums up every game ive had this season something always happens out of my control to mess it up seems too much of a coincidence and only won when ive managed to get a lead coming to the end of games. Ive also been on the other side in different seasons where i get all the luck late on to win me games. Last season Riverman had the exact same thing im having maybe worse and i kept saying to him your not playing bad madden is just s**tting on your at important times and low and behold this season he is flying challenging for the division. I remember Tripperman also had a season where his players turned to s**t in the fourth quarter and witnessed it first hand. So to sum up my ramblings yes confidences does play a part but I honestly feel like sometimes Madden will just decide its going to s**t on you and ent nothing you can do to stop it, as s**t as it is im literally just getting through this season and hoping it doesnt reoccur next season and trying not to let it get to me as it seems its out of our control.
  13. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Can't wait!
  14. Farewell for now...

    Sorry to see you leave mate but understandable when life gets busy, you know where to come if you want to come back!
  15. EU In or Out/OMG Out won.

    One quote comes to mind "When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die." - Jean-Paul Sartre Unfortunately this isnt the first or last time, the world is a proper messed up place always has been, always will be.