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  1. Nfl Championship weekend

    I'd love to see the Vikings win it out now, think they'd be a better match for patriots in the super bowl than eagles anyway. Foles is too limited. But think the jags have a decent chance in Foxboro, that defense despite conceding 42 to Steelers is still elite. Hope they can hit Brady early on, stop him getting into a rhythm
  2. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Take it easy @Burnzee Boyee You never know your appetite for madden might return when 19 comes around, time heals all @DaBurg864
  3. Help a PEN Member out

    Done 3rd and 4th are very close
  4. College Football on UKTV Week 5

    @Mcmanus Do BT not show college football final every week? Couldn't find it on their listings yesterday
  5. Trump

    Ya I think a lot of players are going to take a knee today. Its like he is trying to provoke a reaction
  6. NFL Week 2

    The colosseum looks terrible, so many empty seats. At least the chargers made the right call going to a small stadium whilst building up a fan base
  7. College Football - Week 3

    65 yards, some throw. But safeties should never have been beaten like that
  8. College Football - Week 3

    Thought they had mismanaged that fin drive badly, but then they do that
  9. College Football - Week 3

    Ya first 3 quarters v poor, Kelly should have caught that though
  10. College Football - Week 3

    Kelly looks like a prospect all right, how do you throw an interception there though?
  11. College Football - Week 3

    @Beyond The Game Kelly in for the TD, game on now
  12. College Football - Week 3

    Big TD in the Florida game, points have been hard to come by so far
  13. Running

    Was doing a half marathon one time and a lad who trained with the same group as me got the urge to go there and then. Instead of jumping into a field alongside the course the dirty b*****d pulled down his shorts at the side of the road and s**t right there. Pulled up shorts and continued!! He was a bit of a bitter in general though
  14. Running

    Running can be quite addictive when you get in time it. I took up running about 7 years ago after not having played any sport in 10+ years. Did a lot of it for 4 years, less so last 3 cos of kids etc. Still get out before work for 5 miles 2/3 times a week. Prefer a long cycle at the weekend. Best advice I got when I started running was to "run as slow as you can, for as long as you can", but then I was completely unfit when I was starting. Yet 6/7 months later I ran a marathon so you can build up fitness quick enough
  15. Coach goals

    My goal for this season is to get sacked more. Seriously In my only year in pro 8 i threw around 5 interceptions per game with Teddy Bridgwater. I want to be more composed with the ball when i feel the pressure starting to get to my qb. If that means taking more sacks so be it, obviously throwing it away would be preferable though. Can't win games when you keep giving the other team possession and field position cheaply